Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Randal in the flesh! (and other assorted miscellany)

I wasn't called Sexy Randal the Pharaoh Wizard for nothin'.

This is the reason that my inbox is always full of Christian dating spam. But how come there's never any Satanist dating spam? Minions of Mephistopheles need love, too.

Glad to see Ron Glass will be keeping busy. Now if we can only find posts for Max Gail and Steve Landesberg.

Why do I get the feeling that the wingnuts will have a lot to say on Mark Rich, Eater of Babies and less than a peep on the impeding tidal wave of Pardons By Chimpy? I wonder what the corporate logo for that would look like.

Oh well, guess we'll never know.

Hey Ted, my day, obviously, was great! How was yours?


Utah Savage said...

Nicely summed up. I'm hoping Lieberman gets a gets a really nasty Ambassador posting.

Anonymous said...

Sexiest man alive.


I, too, am having a simply mahvelous day as compared to Ted.

Ain't it grand?


Anonymous said...

Yesterday had to be the suckiest birthday Stevens ever had. I'll send him some cake to make it all better.

Poop cake with vomit frosting is his favorite, right?

Randal Graves said...

utah, I finally cave in and post a picture of a legitimately hunky dude - though I stand by my Johnny Mac shots, not to mention Der Leader - and not a syllable of praise? I'm hurt.

hill, way back in 2000, my wife and I somehow got passes to a pre-release screening of X-Men. That was the first time my wife had ever seen Hugh Jackman. She was happy.

As I am today for the demise of Senator Tubes, though my happy is a different kind of happy than hers was. ;-)

dcup, why yes it is, but don't forget the booger sprinkles or he'll really be sad!

Christopher said...

Hugh Jackman? Are they kidding me?

It must be a straight female thing because I don't get it.

susan said...

Well, at least I've been relieved of the worry that Mooselini would have awarded herself his Senate seat once he got tossed. That means I'm feeling great too.

Tomorrow I'll devote to wondering if Chimpy will pardon himself on the way out the door. If he pardons himself for authorizing torture does that mean he admits to having done so? A dilemma.

Liberality said...

yeah Randal--it's nice to see ya, and you are smoking hot baby, oh yeah. except, little thing: could you shave please--stubble burn is never any fun.

pissed off patricia said...

Seven felony counts and one lost race, damn Madam Karma is working overtime on the Hulkster. Maybe Sarah Palin will give him a big old moose burger to make him feel better.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im still waiting to see if holder will be any different - i know obama said change but seems like so far his admin contains all the same old k street cronies

anita said...

hugh jackman's no johnny depp. just sayin' ... sorry randal. but you're still hot. just not AS hot.


i posted my list of "allllbummms" ... for what it's worth. you can check it out, if you wish. i've done no re-tagging, though. my "connections" in the blogosphere are tenuous, at best, so i figured i'd leave people alone.

anita said...

oh, and regarding lieberman.

when he comes up for re-election (assuming he doesn't get a an ambassador post), i vow today that will get into my tiny little subaru and drive to connecticut EVERY SINGLE DAY and volunteer my efforts to his potential democratic rival to have him kicked out ON HIS ASS.

Angie said...

I always pictured you to be way cooler than that. I don't even know who that guy really is. Perhaps I need a subscription to People Magazine (to use for fire starter).

I have this deep dark suspicion that Chimpy isn't going to grant me a pardon. Damn!

Randal Graves said...

christopher, hell man, anytime someone has a list of "babliest babes of the year," usually I'm going 'huh?' Gay or straight - or asexual, if there's a list for that - we've all got our different tastes.

Of course, Tweety's mancrush on Commander Codpiece is something all orientations can mock.

susan, not much of a dilemma. Remember, history, not us, will judge him.

liberality, good thing I didn't put up a real picture with Ambrose Burnsides, then. Yikes!


I'm going to miss the little nipper. Sniff.

torrance, I hear ya. Greenwald had a pretty good preliminary summary of Holder. Obviously - and this goes without saying for most of the folks he'll appoint - they won't be the overt loons like Gonzalez or the Man Afraid of Naked Boobies, but I hope people don't give him a free pass simply because he's not Bush.

anita, I can't even give Johnny the edge in looks and say I'm cooler 'cause that's equally as big a lie. ;-)

Oh, an ambassador post would be nice. Do we have relations with the non-US portions of Antarctica? Someone has to shake hands with all those scienticians.

angie, that's Mr. Australia! Or is that Jacko? Anyone remember Jacko? The Energizah! It'll surprise ya! Oi!

Of course you won't get a pardon, your financial contributions to the GOP are quite low.

La Belette Rouge said...

Ted's dead baby, Ted's dead. Okay, I know it was Zed. But, as it was his bday I thought I would change it on his behalf.

On the bday note remind me never to have you or Dcup make me a cake.

I being a straight female do not get the Hugh Jackman thing either. Randal, your brain is so much hotter than Hugh's and I am all about the brain. Sure a cute package for the brain is nice. But, brains over brawn for this weasel.

Dusty said...

I just watched Teddy the Toobes farewell speechifying on the Senate floor.

I have to admit..I smoked a bowl prior..couldnt watch that fuckwit straight ya know... ;p

Randal Graves said...

LBR, don't worry, we'd leave the vomit out of your cake.

Ha ha ha, take that handsome men of the world, the ugly smrt guy wins again!

Randal Graves said...

dusty, let me guess, he said he was sad that his family has to be going through this rough time. What a fucking tool. And I hope you didn't smoke all of your stash. ;-)

Our Juicy Life said...

I don't get hugh either. I'm sure he's got some movie coming out or someting because they always choose someone with something going on..such crap those mags, but damn i miss them!

Dean Wormer said...

I'm kind of wondering if Bush's coming torrent of pardons will somehow shut up the wingnut whining about Rich.

I somehow doubt it.

okjimm said...

OK doke... I saw the mag cover "plus 129 smokin hot guys"
Damn... I smoke, I get pissed off, I'm a come I never get on a mag cover? Boy, I am in a funk, now! In fact I do not think I will get over it until 5:10 pm, sitting on my favorite bar stool, sucking a pale ale! Three hours is a long time for me to be in a funk!

Tom Harper said...

Last night Jay Leno said (I'm just paraphrasing) "Ted Stevens lost that senate race by a squeaker. Hmmm, squeaker, that's what the inmates call a brand new prisoner."

Dr. Zaius said...

You know, that was Ted Stevens' birthday. I wonder if there was any cake?

Randal Graves said...

OJL, there has to be some French equivalents to our crappy mags, no?

dean, maybe we can start a disinformation campaign. Clinton pardoned Richie Rich, so it's okay.

okjimm, not if you've got George Clinton on your turntable.

tom, sadly, he'll probably not end up in a federal pound you in the ass prison.

dr.zaius, there was, but, um, you don't want any of the cake that dcup made for him.

Anonymous said...

Randal...your sexiness knows no bounds. Who else riffs better than you on everything from classical music to the Cleveland Browns? Meh to Hugh Jackman. His name sounds like Hugh G. Rection to me. You know him. He's the guy that always showed up to Math class with Heywood J. Blowme whenever a substitute teacher ran the show.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

As I recall, it wasn't just "wingnuts" who were outraged by the Marc Rich pardon. I mean the guy was #2 on the FBI's most wanted list, for Christ!

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...


Randal Graves said...

spartacus, great, now I'm going to have that Right Said Fred song in my head all day you bloody bastard!

will, obviously, and my point isn't revisionist history but that wingnuts, with more screeching than nearly any other group in Murka, fail to grasp the concept of hypocrisy.

JNRR, délicieux !

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

True, R.G., but then there are wingnuts on both sides, all across the spectrum, etc..