Sunday, November 2, 2008

Plumber? I hardly know her!

"I asked this man here why he wasn't checking out my ass like John and then he told me his real name is James Guckert. Wurzelbacher is so much easier to pronounce, isn't it!"

You know you've got problems with the header is far more comical than the attempted snark.


Our Juicy Life said...

Did you see the youtube clip about the dj's in montreal canada who did a prank on Palin, they spoke to her on the phone and told her that it was Sarkozy and she believed them. You have to check it out, classic!

Our Juicy Life said...
here's the link....

Katie Schwartz said...

Our Juicy Life, thanks for posting that clip. I'm dying to see it. I love that.

Back to you, Randall, my cunterific stud: KICK ASS POST. SO FUNNY.

susan said...

Did you ever hear about the newlyweds with the clogged drain? She went to the store and he got fed up and called the plumber. When she came home she found the expected jean clad lower body on the floor and decided to surprise him with her honeymoon special blowjob. The plumber was so startled he banged his head on the pipes and knocked himself out. When the rescue squad came to take him away they were still laughing so hard on the way down the stairs they dropped the stretcher. The plumber arrived at the hospital with a broken leg as well as a concussion.

I think this is that guy. I think she's the woman telling the story of how they met.

Übermilf said...

I wonder what it feels like to know you'll be an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question someday.

Anonymous said...

Ubermilf - bwahahahaha!

You, too, Randal. Yes, the title made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...



anita said...

he does look a little like jeff guckert, doesn't he (well, i guess if jeff guckert spent the last year working out intermittently at gold's gym) ... anyway, very suspicious indeed. ... but, oh well, so what else is new: dirty tricks here, dirty tricks there, dirty tricks just about everywhere!!

S.W. Anderson said...

Wickedly good headline on this post.

Also, it almost looks as if JTP is trying to hide something . . . ?

La Belette Rouge said...

My favorite moment's with Joe d Plumber:
1) When he was not at the rally when McCain called out to him.
2) When Mr. Everyman got a PR agent. Every every-man has a PR rep. Right?
3) When McCain said that Joe was his role model was Joe and that he planned to take him to D.C. with him. What, so he could be the first plumber?
4) When the people at Fox noise asked Joe about his outrageous claims against Obama and Joe couldn't answer the questions and Fox reporter wouldn't back down and in essence said, 'what the hell are you talking about?' That was good stuff.

Kvatch said...

"I'd rather be runnin' with this hunka-hunka!"

pissed off patricia said...

Joe the fucking plumber has made a radio ad for McCain. I'm not kidding.

When Joe the Plumber can't appear on the stump with McCain, Dick the Weed will stand in for him.

Anonymous said...

Heh...great quip. You need to hit a Las Vegas stage with that schtick.

Dean Wormer said...

"Did anyone order an asshole from room service?"

KELSO'S NUTS said...

RANDAL: Very strong headline indeed! And I like any post that reminds everyone of Jeff Guckert. I haven't seen "W" yet because it got a shitty review from the Chilean Cinephile channel who have pretty good critics. I'm not the world's biggest Oliver Stone fan either. I only liked Midnight Express (which he wrote), Salvador, Wall Street, Talk Radio, and Nixon. The rest you can keep. I despised Platoon, JFK and Natural Born Killers. But...

...if anyone saw it and Guckert was a character, he had to be played by Vin Diesel, si o no?

I realize now how much I'm going to miss this campaign. It's truly been a mindfuck. And loads of fun. I think I'm going to try to cast the movie...

BARACK OBAMA......Hill Harper
DAVID AXELROD.....Joe Mantegna
DAVID PLOUFFE.....Joaquin Phoenix
MICHELLE OBAMA....Khandi Alexander
JOHN McCAIN.......Austin Pendleton
CINDY McCAIN......Joanna Lumley
SARAH PALIN.......Reese Witherspoon
FIRST DUDE........Justin Timberlake
JOE BIDEN........Chirstopher Walken
JOE LIEBERMAN.....Paul Giamatti
BILL CLINTON...Travolta (who else?)
MITT ROMNEY........Robert Wagner
KARL ROVE....Philip Seymour Hoffman
RON PAUL...........G.D. Spradlin
MIKE HUCKABEE......Tom Arnold
REV RICK WARREN....Matthew Fox
REV J WRIGHT.......Sinbad
COLIN POWELL.......James Earl Jones
ANTONIN REZKO......Tony Goldwyn

make this a weirded-out low budget movie directed by Neil LaBute

Betty C. said...

Hey guy, your state just moved from "leaning Dem" to "toss-up" on!!!! Remember your personal responsibility on this issue!

Could the prayers I talked about have been working?

Fortunately, more than just Ohio's 20 electorals moved from "toss-up" to "leaning Dem." So there.