Friday, June 5, 2009

In America, you blog on internet.

In Russia, internet blogs on you!

Komrades! Party commissar demands Kreative Great Blogging!

I used to be fond of memes (you know, yesterday) since they nearly always write themselves, thus leaving me more precious time cultivating unspoken disdain for so many with the aid of amplified, sheet metal violence, but ones like this, wherein I'm supposed to unveil a bit of the dime-store mystery that is me, pain my soul. Thus, unspoken disdain for one, now spoken. Typed. Whatever. C'mon, Nunly, if I spill all of my secrets, people will only stop by to mock and laugh, only moreso, and I can get that at home.

I'm supposed to list seven spirits in the material world that I dig, so vive le capitalisme! I mean, может капитализм иметь длинную жизнь!

1. My CDs. Life without music? Inconceivable.

2. My books. Life without words? Inconceivable.

3. My DVDs. Life without couch potatoing? Inconceivable.

4. My video games. Life without more couch potatoing, though the floor is an acceptable substitute? Inconceivable.

5. My mp3 player. Life without music on a wheelie bus? Conceivable, but not recommended.

6. My black sweat jacket. Because my bicycle is broken and I can't think of anything else.

7. My most recent material acquisition via a best-of-luck internet contest, an autographed photo of lovely and talented Sarah-Jane Redmond, most famous, to me, anyway, for her brilliant portrayal of the diabolical Lucy Butler on teevee's Millennium.

And dammit, since we're on the subject, sign the petitions to bring back said show in some form. They can be found here. I'll wait.

Shoobie doobie doo. Twiddle dee thumbs, twiddle dum thumbs.

Now, don't you feel better having voiced your opinion for something that could actually happen, unlike Maoist/anarchist pipe dream assaults on America, The Self-Interested Empire -- sorry to burst our housing bubble, Hussein X, we're not going to be the first to turn that time-honored mold into shrapnel, but don't worry, once the borrowing spigot is closed, mid-level tourist trap here we come! -- from within?

I hope you, you (lemme guess, this is the kind of meme you won't do) and, oh yeah, you -- after your stern words, I honestly fear for my life -- like stuff, too, you goddamn communists.


sunshine said...

At first I was going to yell at you for not tagging me first but when I saw that my tag was in red while the other two were yellow (even though I like yellow better than red) I was appeased. You've been through enough of my crap already this week anyhow. :)
Yes, I'm a high maintenance stalker. Lucky you eh?
Now, stop calling me names and listen up..
7 things I love..
1~ Movie night with Debbie. I swear I would shrivel up and die if that ended.
2~ My ipod. Sometimes I just can't listen to the hubby and kids for one more second.
3~ My trampoline. After 4 kids, yes I almost pee myself (okay not almost) every time I go on it but it's sooooo much fun!!!
4~ Video games. The boys can have their X-Box live. We have an old SuperNintendo with Mario world, Donkey Kong country etc that rocks MY world. Laura loves it!!!
5~ Flowers. I have to have fresh flowers in the house all the time.
6~ Google Earth. So I can watch EVERYTHING that YOU do.. ALL the time. :D
7~ I'll say books for #7. Even though I don't read all the hoity toity shit you do .. I still enjoy the escape a good book can bring.

So there you go.
Have a good day!!!

Anonymous said...

What that was (yawn)not the best. I'm pissy about the Penguins. I mean really, it's too warm in Pittz for penguins. The Wingies sucked on defense.

1. books
2. food, italian, mexican, can't live without it.
3. Johnny Depp movies
4. yarns and fabric and needles--restores sanity in scary moments.
5. husband. Oh he's really first ya know.
6. pets...can't live without them. They show me how to live.
7. God, but then he's really first. He knows that, and is just always there for me.

I wasn't tagged was I? I aint got time to push "you you you crap". So I just hurriedly did it.

BBQ--don't forget that!

La Belette Rouge said...

I think you ought to lose your black jacket for that fur coat. Really, it is the coat of a rugged individualist. It is so you.

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, yeah, I have been through enough of your crap this we - what? You still play your SNES? Please continue with the high-maintenance stalking. ;-)

afd, I wouldn't worry too much about the Wings. If they grab the next one, there are two days between games 5/6 and 6/7, extra time for old legs.

I won't read anything into #4 with the scary moments and those giant yarnin' needles that can poke a hole through solid stone.

LBR, I'm definitely digging the Politburo Special, but how do I get those brows? Curse your genes, Leonid!

Tom Harper said...

"Kreative Great Blogging" -- Da!

I work on five-year plan for blog.

S.W. anderson said...

Randal, you left out a really good breakfast. You know, an omelette plump with ham and cheese, a mountain of crispy hashbrowns, stack of wheat toast with marmalade, and at least two cups of full-flavor, knock-your-head-back coffee.

Excuse me, I have to go now. It's time for brunch. Heh.

Christopher said...

Мое собрание вычуры, импортированные мустарды сфакторизовало бы высоко на моем списке. Также, как мое собрание карточек бейсбола год сбора винограда.

Liberality said...

Except for the games, which I don't play, substitute blip instead I suppose, and I don't have an mp3 player although I've bought an ipod for a kid, we have so much in common, except I drive to work (10 minutes) and I don't have a black sweat jacket but 2 black blazers instead. well that was fun :)

Utah Savage said...

Go Sunshine. That's one in three. Want to lay odds on the other two?

susan said...

Ooops, sorry. I came by to mock and laugh but I think Henry Kissinger beat me to it.

Dr. Zaius said...

Hey! That's my black sweat jacket! Give it back!

Beach Bum said...

I wonder how Frank Black would handle a confrontation with Kissinger? I know people that to this day swear the man is the Antichrist.

Leonid Brezhnev is smiling? Must have been a damn good joke.

Randal Graves said...

tom, village work on collective blog! If say nyet, Siberia!

SWA, you, sir, are a bastard. ;-)

christopher, Мустард определенно самый лучший condiment.

liberality, I like this, I don't even need to tag anyone anymore, you're all doing it for free. :)

utah, hey, as Marvin Lee Aday once sang, one out of three ain't bad.

susan, how could Henry laugh if he's still stuck in the bathroom cleaning all the blood off his hands?

dr.zaius, you can have my black sweat jacket when you pry it from Taylor's cold, dead hands!

BB, since we all know he's evil, and Frank, unfortunately, is a righteous man who believes in actual justice, we'll need an amoral assassin.

Gerry could make anyone laugh.

Distributorcap said...

shoobie doobie doo.... so this is where frank sinatra ended up

Randal Graves said...

We were shocked at how well preserved he was.

Freida Bee, MD said...

Mon frere- I know you better than you know yourself. Do you wish to trade your black jacket for this, the cup of coffee I dare you to say you'd go without?

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

mercredi birdpoop for avoiding me again. the internets are hard work. and yay...2 of your victims had never been read by me before so I have new territory to explore.

Betty C. said...

Many items in common here, especially at the beginning. Sorry for the lack of comments -- haven't been blogging much, haven't been following much. The truth is I've been sucked into Twitter...aieeee...