Sunday, February 17, 2008

[clever title composed by your host]

[relating to the body of the post]

[with a fancy link or two]

['cause I've got nothing for you]

[save a pithy comment below]

[so on with this lame show]

[wait! a comical caption for good measure]

[the denouement of my bestest post ever!]


Freida Bee said...

[formulaic post]

[insults my better senses]

[thanks I needed that]

[but, mine is not prose]

[because a haiku ensued]

[and then another]

Dean Wormer said...

[Smart-ass reply to your post]

[Oblique pop-cultural reference]

[I'm spent]

fairlane said...

Best post I've read [in months].

La Belette Rouge said...

[An attempt to be witty and absolve you from guilt that you couldn't come up with something]

[Apropos literary or French reference]


[blog pseudonym that protects my identity]

Randal Graves said...

[you all impress me]

[with your commenting spirit -]

[chicks and dudes? groovy]

Scarlet W. Blue said...

[i was going to write a poem]

[but then I got excited]

[because I knew the word]


[day new mah]

{and I thought, "how pathetic"]

[fvck it]

Mauigirl said...

Great post and great comments! Love it!

DCup said...

[It's late.]
[Something with fuck goes here.]

M.Yu said...

My brain's gummed up
No thoughts in my mind
You got me summed up
In 8 fucking lines!

How humiliating...or inspiring...?
I can't tell which.......

Randal Graves said...

[I'm doing this more often]

[constructed as quick as James Lofton]

[circa 1983]

[or Back to the Future's tree]

[commenters have got nothin' to fear]

[now make like that tree and get outta here]

Tom Harper said...

[generic comment]

[leaves name and URL for the purpose of getting return visits and comments]

Station Agent said...

[This fits right in with I'm talking about today]

dguzman said...

[Randal-lovin' kiss-ass comment here 'cuz I luvz me some RG]

Randal Graves said...

[tom is blogwhoring]

[sometimes I've nothing to say]

[d, you switch, call me]

Wyldth1ng said...