Friday, February 8, 2008


How I feel today.

Luckily, these fine fuckers don't:

That smoke you see? dguzman tells us that it's the residue of warning shots from you-know-who.

And you-know-who has a plan, proclaims jen clark in painful detail. Read the whole series, dammit.

I'm not sure anyone is on more of a roll than distributorcap.

When I grow up, I want to rant just like fairlane and PoliShifter.

But don't you dare use these stupid fucking words, demands dcup, unless you're slicing them into tiny little bits of bloody, quivering flesh.

Dry those tears now that Willard is gone. It'll be alright, for tomcat dissects the toxic sludge that was his withdrawal speech. Wait, you can't cut slime, can you. Well played, wearer of the Magical Underpants!

Parts of the south have experienced some humanity-assisted natural fuckery, and jess tells us very nicely to help out. I'm not telling you nicely: help the fuck out. You too, Chimpy.

Since we're on the subject of stimulating things, Kevin Hayden speaks the truth: it won't stimulate dick. Not even if you provide a month's supply of Bob Dole's favorite drug.

Yet, despite all the blasphemy against decency outlined above, the cunning runt provides the visual evidence that the world is indeed still beautiful, especially in winter.

Oh, and POP's been around for two years now. I feel so young. Let's send her a fruit basket -- no, how about a cake since she likes baking them so much for the incessant birthday celebrating chez Randal. Speaking of celebrating, a dude that some of us know and some of don't, but have most certainly seen leaving Hemingway-esque commentary throughout the series of tubes, has returned home from the sands of Iraq. Welcome home, Wyld.


Scarlet W. Blue said...

Who doesn't want to be fairlane when they grow up?

fairlane said...

In my opinion, that fairlane is a punk, and he better hope I don't find him.

Thanks for the link home skillet.

Scarlet, you are True Blue.

TomCat said...

Thanks for the shout-out Randall. It's a pleasure to be included in such fine company.

Randal Graves said...

SWB, true, but if we were all fairlane, then there'd be no women, and I'm sorry, that just won't fly.

fairlane, and that fucker has delusions of being emperor. What the fuck? Pas de problème, mon ami.

tomcat, are you kidding? It's our pleasure, you're a one-man guru of knowledge. Now you just need a giant beard and a mountaintop hideout to complete the picture. ;-)

Tom Harper said...

Dynamite video. Who was that? It looked like the word "Emperor" flashing on the screen. I that the group's name? Or maybe I didn't read it right.

I love that combination of heavy metal with those dark dissonant chords.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Randal Graves said...

Yeah, that was Emperor, a tune off their final album, Prometheus, which came out in 2001. They reformed in 2006 to play some of the big festivals like Wacken, but I doubt they'll record again. Unlike most black metal, they actually give a shit about melody, atmosphere and song structure. Great stuff.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow, one day that I don't put up a real post and I'm left out in the cold. Sigh....

Jen Clark said...

Thanks for the shout out :-)

The Cunning Runt said...

Jesus! How'd I rate getting lumped in with the grown-ups?

Thanks man. When I get a REAL camera I'll do my best to deserve this mention.

And hey, I think you may have set a record for Most-Links-In-A-Post-By-A-Guy-Who-Claims-To-Be-Empty!

Spartacus said...

And not one poet've got some 'splaining to do RG.... ha ha ha...

Nice linky love post here...bro. All good selections...even if none of them are poets ;-p

pissed off patricia said...

I baked my very own cake out of Cosmic catnip and washed it down with three mighty martinis. Thank you for the mention, my friend.

Randal Graves said...

ME, then you best start working on a real post. Or just gather a series of links like I did!

jen, it was my pleasure. :)

tcr, hell no man, those were some great pics. I might have to start doing this more often. Blogging would be a snap!

spartacus, I'm too busy writing some? :)

POP, now that's one fine, nutritious and delicious meal!

Freida Bee said...

That was one fine ass-kissin fest.' Your clearly refined tastes does leave the likes of moi wondering where I went wrong. Was it neglecting my blog for 4 days straight? I knew I'd paaaay! Oh, and I am no Fairlane. His Hannity and Combs sketch is the most brilliant blog since the 70's.

Randal Graves said...

Hey, I don't have vast hordes of Tricky Dick Fun Bucks to pass out.

And I like fairlane, but that's a crock of shit. Have you already forgotten about the Reagan-era Ketchup: Vegetable or The Reconstituted Blood of Latin Americans? blog?

Colleen said...

I am now convinced that you are the master of the link.

Randal Graves said...

Hey, anything to avoid putting thought into a post. Let others do the hard work.

Wyldth1ng said...

Thank you for the shout out.

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