Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The subject of today's post -- no, not this crap -- comes from a suggestion given to me by the lovely and talented Betty C., who just happens to reside in France. Normally, I'd drop the defense mechanisms and happily submit to the pain of jealousy, displaying said emotion through a fit of juvenile vulgarity, but since I'm a lazy, lazy man -- hell, I am gleefully using her suggestion -- I'll refrain from that deadly sin. But just for today.

Anyway, ten movies that I've intended to watch, but haven't, in the order that they stumbled into my thought processor:

1. The Third Man
2. Band à part
3. Les yeux sans visage
4. Umberto D.
5. Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie
6. Metropolis
7. The Big Sleep
8. The Asphalt Jungle
9. Hearts and Minds
10. Manos: the Hands of Fate (I haven't even seen the MST3K episode!)

It was harder to come up with that list than I would've anticipated, and I'm wondering why I've never gotten around to seeing these flicks (it rhymes with 'cracker'). En plus, I had to use my brain. No more suggestions, people!

One final bit of housekeeping crap. Apparently, I'm supposed to pass this thing on to ten other suckers after signing -- in triplicate -- my receipt of it:

Everyone on my blogroll deserves one, so take it, please. If that means you will have two, or even three, so be it! That means you're, like, super gnarly and not at all skilled in spoon gaggery.


Fade said...

I am honored by your bestowal of this most auspicious blog award.

You like us! You really really like us!

Dean Wormer said...

I sat down and watched Manos this last summer- probably best to stick to the MST3K version. I love those guys.

Liberality said...

An effortless effulgent effusion for my ego, what eloquence!

Randal Graves said...

fade, you guys are the bestest bloggers ever!

dean, I should pick that up on DVD then. I've heard from those that have seen it that it's SO bad, it's never good, like how an Ed Wood movie is.

liberality, your alliteration augurs well for additional awards for l'avenir ! (français for future - I couldn't think of another 'a' word!)

SamuraiFrog said...

Whee, another award! I'm a whore for recognition!

Funnily enough, The Asphalt Jungle is on my TiVo right now. I've seen six of the others. I'm sounding way to fool of myself right now.

susan said...

Old enough to have watched every movie I intended to watch but now look forward to seeing some of them again.

'Manos' was one of the worst movies ever and one of the best MST3K ever riffed on. Unfortunately, I must report that 'The Oozing Brain' - their latest through Cinematic Titanic is not up to the mark Joel and crew previously set themselves.
We're going back to the tapes we taped and circulated.

La Belette Rouge said...

Sacheen Littlefeather will be accepting my award on my behalf to protest the treatment of weasels in the popular press.;-)
No, really, you are too kind!!Merci!!!:-)

I have not seen most of the films in your list. I sat through Metropolis in an undergrad film class. Either it was really boring or I was too young and unsophisticated to appreciate great art.

fairlane said...

Teresa's looking rough.

Dean Wormer said...


It's completely unwatchable in raw form. Almost so in MST3K form as even they are sometimes at a loss for words.

Great list of other films, btw.


Have you tried rifftrax, or are you solely a Joel MST3K fan?

Randal Graves said...

samuraifrog, I think there's an award for that. ;-) And not at all, you are the movie master, of that there's no doubt.

susan, it boggles my mind that I haven't seen such a wondrous piece of cinematic crappery. Tapes? Time to upgrade, you'll wear those out. I did with my old Simpsons cassettes!

LBR, to hell with the press, we love weasels! I've heard both ends of the spectrum on Metropolis. I just want to see it mainly for it's historical value. If it's boring, I can always push stop. ;-)

fairlane, and that was in 1991!

dean, yikes, now that's the textbook definition of bad. I really need to join Netflix and get this thing.

pissed off patricia said...

I have actually heard of one of those movies. Woo! Woo!

Fred the Cat made a rule that we don't do memes, awards, etc. But he asked me to tell you that he would appreciate a large bag of Cosmic catnip instead.

Randal Graves said...

I'll give the Intergalactic Feline Association a call and see what I can work up!

dguzman said...

I've only heard of four of these, but I gotta tell ya that I've never wanted to see any of those. You're a movie warrior, dude.

Tom Harper said...

I thought I'd seen a lot of movies, but I've only seen one on that list -- Hearts and Minds.

Whatever your favorite drug is, be sure you have plenty of it on hand if you see that movie. It's the biggest emotional roller coaster I've ever seen. Every possible negative emotion just shot up into the red -- during and after the movie. You've been warned :)

Randal Graves said...

dguzman, movies, like other forms of art, help one to forget the quotidian bullshittery that threatens to drown our souls. Pretentious enough? ;-)

tom, I'm surprised to hear that. I thought it looked like a smiling romp through the tulips, fun for the whole family. :)

susan said...

Randal - We just got the first season on dvd since the tapes are actually likely rotting away in storage. For 30 seconds we considered burning them (not literally) and then placed the order.

Dean - We're unrepentant Joel fans. Mike was good in small doses but for the lead we preferred Joel's understated take. Besides, who else could have come up with the skeleton daschunds?

Distributorcap said...

dont miss Asphalt Jungle
it is great

Chris Late said...

I'm feeling smug...seen 8 of your 10. A perfect ten would have been nice, but I'd never even heard of Manos.