Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Semper Dowland semper dolens

Per-Olav Kindgren plays Sir John Smith His Almain.

The origins and early life of composer and lutenist John Dowland remains quite the mystery to this day. What is as clear as the tears that flow from a pair of lovelorn eyes was that the guy wrote some of the most beautiful, haunting and melancholy instrumentals and songs in not just the English repertoire, but of all time.

The man was buried on this day in 1626, and since my consecutive posting streak died yesterday, I figured this was a fitting submission. More importantly, it's a dead man's party, so don't worry about baking a cake, POP. We'll all spin some sad and mournful Dowland and get drunk instead.


fairlane said...

You're alright for a Metal Head.

arachne said...

I was with you right up until the "get drunk instead" part. Maybe a bowl or so instead?

Not that I would do anything like that, being a responsible parent and...ooh, look! Over there! It's shiny! /runs off

Randal Graves said...

fairlane, thanks, you're alright for a Punk Rocker.

arachne, oh that's perfectly fine. It's still a relatively free country, so partake of whatever your substance of choice may be. Not that I, as a fellow parent, officially condone such behaviors.

Frederick said...

I gots the shivers on that one!

Anonymous said...

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