Sunday, February 1, 2009

Subpar Bowl?

"Just throw me the damn ball."

Thousands of column inches have been written about:
1. The Steelers' manly defense.
2. Troy Polamalu's wacky hair.
3. Whether 71-year old Dick Lebeau uses Grecian Formula or is a genetic mutant like Dick Clark.
4. The resurgence of the Cardinals because of
4a. Kurt Warner,
4b. Kurt Warner's love of Jesus,
4c. Ken Whisenhunt's magical inspirational speechery after one of the worst beatdowns in recorded history,
4d. dumb fucking luck.

Look, the NFL seeding system is stupid given the fact that there are 72 divisions when six was quite fine and though I have no problem with a division champ getting an automatic bid, I would certainly prefer that each conference then seed by record. For example, the NFC this season could have looked like this --

1. N.Y. Giants (12-4)
2. Carolina (12-4)
3. Atlanta (11-5)
4. Minnesota (10-6)
5. Philadelphia (9-6-1)
6. Arizona (9-7)

-- and the AFC like this:

1. Tennessee (13-3)
2. Indianapolis (12-4)
3. Pittsburgh (12-4)
4. Baltimore (11-5)
5. Miami (11-5)
6. San Diego (8-8)

Would the actual outcomes have been different? Only Odin knows because, unlike him, I cannot travel through time. But for all of you bitching about the Cardinals getting here as the flukiest fluke in the seven seas, the NFC had THREE chances to knock them off and failed. Against a defense that gave up over 400 points. Against an offense that for sixteen games couldn't run the fucking ball. In other words, shut the fuck up you fucking whiny fuckers. Go Cardinals. Steelers, 28-17.


MRMacrum said...

Yawn. I'm going to bed.

MRMacrum said...
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Distributorcap said...

i hope u are watching for me..
because i am not

i will watch the commercials at work tomorrow

Mauigirl said...

It actually turned out to be a good game in the end - of course after we left the party we were at. Did see the 100 yard runback for a TD by the Steelers. Heard the end of the 4th quarter on the radio!

pissed off patricia said...

I had the least interest in this Super Bowl than in any before it. I crashed but my husband watched it and said it was, "pretty damned good"

MRMacrum said...

I guess I just can't go to bed when football is on the tube. Watched the second half and yeah it turned into a damn good game. Because Pittsburgh acted like thugs I rooted for the Cardinals. They almost pulled it off. Oh Well.

Mary Ellen said...

Is football finally over?

I heard that Punxsatawney (sp?) Phil saw his shadow today and now we're going to have 7 months of Baseball season to watch...or something like that.

Übermilf said...

I saw nothing. I was on an airplane.

Did I miss anything?

Christopher said...

4b. Kurt Warner's love of Jesus

I'd like to knock that Christian demon out of Kurt Warner and release him from its tyranny.

Dean Wormer said...

I'm bitching about the subpar spinach dip we served at our superbowl party. I don't like water chestnuts.

Also- Fat Tire is a good beer but I'm still partial to Hefeweizen. So there's another bitch.

Also- Those commercials always end too soon.

It was a good game, though. If poorly called. Do the refs know they can kick someone out of the game if they hold them down and punch them in the face? It looked like Rollerball there for a minute.

okjimm said...

OK. I thought it was a decent game. Nothing to look forward to until the NCAA brackets tourney.

Dean... Fat Tire IS a good beer. If you get a chance try the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA.

Missy said...

A few amazing plays. Pretty good game for a Super Bowl.

I coulda used some beer. I satisfied myself with the bottle of wine I won Saturday night for having the *best* hat.

Dean Wormer said...

Dean... Fat Tire IS a good beer. If you get a chance try the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA.

I'll run with that suggestion at the microbrewery downstairs after work.

At which point I'll stagger/ stumble with the suggestion.

Snave said...

Like Christopher suggests, I also have a problem with item 4b. Nonetheless, I was pulling for the Cardinals.

The only fault I could find with this year's game is that the Steelers won. I have loathed the Steelers for the last 20 years or so. I am only glad that Bill Cowher is no longer their coach, as we would have had to endure endless shots of him along the sidelines, with the obligatory close-ups highlighting his large macho jaw.

La Belette Rouge said...

Football season is over!!!!!!!! That is something worth toasting.

Utah Savage said...

It's the only game I watched all year and I loved it. It was a great game. Don't rain on my victory snatched from the jaws of....zzzz

Tom Harper said...

I liked the Superbowl commercials. That counts for something, doesn't it? Or am I some sort of commie terrorist-coddling America-hater for not being a football fan?

And yes, the commercials weren't as good this year, but I guess the Great Depression is affecting everybody.