Saturday, January 31, 2009

Post-hypnotic suggestions #1

Yesterday I whined about struggling to come up with a post which means it was one of the seven days of the week. Humbly and meekly, avec un petit aide musical, I asked for assistance from all you lovely humans and biomechanical constructs -- some of you are too fucking odd to be flesh and blood, I'm certainly convinced of that -- and got it in spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. There were many fine ideas, but for the first one, I'm going with something that Lisa suggested:

Contrast the way Blago's alleged criminal activity and ethics violations have been handled by the Illinois state legislature and Sarah Palin's ethics violations investigation was handled (or not, as it were regarding criminal investigations by the weak Fed).
For an essay of this much import to our great democratic process, I believe we can do one thing, and one thing only: go to the principals themselves, and let them make the case for their innocence in their own words, let them shed light on the dark, dark shadow these witch hunts have cast over the Lord's good earth. God Bless America.

"Tonight's top story, how a man with hair so luscious I can see it from my house, can get into so much gosh darn trouble."

"I'm not giving the motherf---ing state legislature the f---ing time of day.
F--- them."

"Now, gosh darnit Rod, you shouldn't use that doggone language!"

"Dude, she wants me! I'm like Dustin Hoffman only with better hair!"


Agi said...

I'd still hit that.

Mauigirl said...

Hilarious. Where did you come up with that yearbook picture of Blago? I can't believe he still has the same hair, it's amazing.

Joss Albért said...

amen to that agi.

as i always i only understand 40% of your blog randal. i need an american to english dictionary.

tally ho chaps

Christopher said...

So Rod Blago always had that hair?

I thought it might be a piece.

Sherry Peyton said...

Gettting those two in the same room and oh boy what fun! Just to listen in would be commentary for a year. And if I had an idea for a blog, I sure wouldn't be givin it to you Randal, but using it myself, as I'm struggling mightily in this post election/ post Bush era. The economy sucks and is boring! lol

Randal Graves said...

agi, can't say you're crazy, even if she is.

mauigirl, 'tis better to be lucky than good during a search of The Google!

joss, bloody 'ell scone arse bollocks! Someone should write that dictionary, it would sell millions of copies.

christopher, it really does look like one nowadays, doesn't it? Far too much space between the hair and the skin than their should be.

No one will ever top Shatner.

sherry, that's not very Jesusy of you. Sharing means caring. Wait, that's Barney.

I've read posts on the economy by people with some actual background and experience on it, and when they're WTF, I figure I'll steer clear and merely state its obvious suckitude.

Randal Graves said...

than THERE should be. there their they're our are arrr matey. Yeesh. Fucking hell my brain sucks.

Project Matt said...

I never did trust that mans hair. Lol

Tom Harper said...

Oh darn it all, are you still picking on that poor Sarah Palin? You must be one of those anonymous bloggers (sitting at home in your pajamas no doubt) that poor Mooselini was talking about. You're just an Elitist and a Hater. Oh, you betcha.

MRMacrum said...

Hmm. I think I have found a portal. No, maybe just touched a nerve. I swear I left a comment earlier here. If not, then I guess someone over to another blog somewhere else is scratching their head over my tale of two aliens and how they have finally and fully integrated into our culture. Your post here has two of them in your headlights should you care to look beyond the hair or the soccerkid wielding mom who shoots like man.

Of course I could have done my usual. Written the comment and bailed before posting it. Using these high tech gizmo mouse things can be daunting you know.

And no. I would not hit that. A local might be okay though.

S.W. Anderson said...

RG, I missed the call for ideas, but since I'm here, in this post, let me suggest it as a start.

So, here's the idea: Take your Sarah Barracuda and Helmet Hair, add Larry Widestance and a few more notables, with pithy comments about each, and headline the resulting mish-mosh "The Crass Mengagerie."

Dusty said...

It's Super Sunday Bitches!!!

Randal...your picking Duh Steelers right?

Check my blog for my pick dahlink! ;)

Distributorcap said...

are you really blago?

Lisa said...

I just knew this would be comedy gold in your capable hands!

susan said...

I think Blago had a wig made of his hair at 14.

Good one :-)

Anonymous said...

Heh. Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

Dean Wormer said...

I don't find her Milfy.

Blagojevich either.

Missy said...

That hair. It's so fluffy. You could take a nap in it.