Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inside the Actor's Studio

I guess Jon Voight or James Woods won't be available.

"There you go again."

I did hear that the new pretzeldent named Leon Czolgosz as company man and much panty twisting ensued. Bet it was torture.


Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. Enjoy the veal -- wait! Give me your bread! Look! It's Jesus! I think I'm gonna sell it on Ebay.


Christopher said...

Meg-a-Bitch Whitman is an ardent Proposition 8 supporter.

I hope we get back to California in time to help clip her political wings.

My homestate needs a pro-gay, pro-gay marriage governor who will tamp down the religious extremists orbiting the Golden state.

our Juicy life said...

oh god...please no! We don't need another one like "that" as our govenor. We had a friend who had a piece of beef jerkey that looked exactly like....the state of Texas. I think he still has it in the freezer.

Randal Graves said...

christopher, I know the rising seas are threatening vast amounts of dinky ass islands, but there has to be one left where all these lunatics can go to practice whatever bizarre notion of nationhood they want.

OJL, I'm jealous of all those people. All of my slices of bread and potato chips and beef jerky never look like anything. Dammit.

Dusty said...

I almost tossed my cookies when I heard this news yesterday whilst leaving San Diego.

Randal...I got to go to the Charger-Indy game!!!! cheerleader photo for you at my blog. ;p

MRMacrum said...

I saw Jesus once. He tried to sell me as he called it, "a heaven sent slim". But I didn't like his price.

Anonymous said...

So, will Whitman's candidacy mean that the state positions she fills will be auctioned to the highest bidder?

And Jesus on toast Randal, don't you know that exposing graven images on bread is a one-way ticket to perdition?

Mary Ellen said...

Everyone knows that Jesus doesn't appear on toast. The Blessed Mother does sometimes, but not Jesus. Silly!

Randal Graves said...

dusty, I saw, and my loins thank you. ;-)

mrmacrum, you should know never to trust anyone sporting a toga.

spartacus, why break with tradition? I'm okay with perdition. It's Tartarus that frightens me. I don't like tartar sauce.

ME, fine, a bagel then, or a pizza. My favorite apparition, unsurprisingly being a commie pinko, is still this one.

Mary Ellen said...

Randal- lol!

Ok...true story. Sit back, it's a long one.

I was reading in the paper one day about how there was a wall in an ally in Mexico that seemed to be showing the outline of the face of Jesus on it. People started coming by and leaving lit vigil candles, flowers and praying the rosary. Every day, the picture became more clear and as the news spread, more and more people showed up and they had to have police to control the crowds. Then one evening it began pouring buckets, the rain was relentless. Surely, this was a sign from Jesus...tears from heaven? The sadness because of all the hatred in the world must have been overwhelming for Him.

The next morning, when the worshipers came back to re-light their vigil candles that were drenched by the rain, they were met with.....

An advertisement on the wall that had been painted over...it was Willy Nelson. The rain washed away the remaining paint and there he was...Ol' Willy just smilin' away with his guitar in hand.

True story, I'm not shittin' ya!

Mary Ellen said...

That was supposed to be alley, not ally. Sheesh. I'm out of blogging practice. Please excuse any other typo's in that last comment.

Christopher said...


Meg-a-Bitch Whitman is a billionaire.

All those comics, plates, CDs, and forks we bought on eBay, helped make this homophobe one of the wealthiest women in California.

That said, if she decides to fund her own campaign, she begins the race with a financial advantage.

I have it from impeccable sources that Meg-a-Bitch Whitman is also a Mormon. No wonder she voted for Prop 8!

Beach Bum said...

Whitman a female Mitt Romney? Where the hell all these pod people being spawned?

ThoughtCriminal said...

Ask anyone who was once a successful eBay seller how things have gone since Whitman took over. Classic GOP train-wreck.

Randal Graves said...

ME, so what you're saying is that Willie Nelson is Jesus? And the pothead said unto thee, moneychangers and such, begone from this temple! But leave the stash. Amen.

christopher and BB, a Mormon? Well that explains a lot. Shouldn't washing and maintaining their magic underpants be keeping them occupied?

TC, eBay is a clusterfuck now? I heard that they got rid of the negative ratings, which if true, is a pretty fucking stupid idea.

Anonymous said...