Thursday, January 1, 2009

Same ole song and dance

If I may be permitted to alter the words of the late, great Jose Chung:

"Well, all's well that ends well. Though that's easy for Shakespeare to say -- he'll be around for another year. But what of our own year? Will it all end well? No one can know, but that of course doesn't stop anyone from guessing. And the nature of those predictions always revolve around the usual suspects: salvation and/or self-satisfaction. With that in mind, I humbly add my own prophecy of what the dawn of the new year shall bring forth: three hundred sixty-five days of the same, old crap."


Suzi Riot said...

Well that's certainly true. But Happy New Year anyway, ya sad bastard!

Bull said...

Not entirely true. If it were, I'd have just been hanging out at home instead of rushing in to the office to combat massive flooding from the floor above.

See? It's already different.

Happy New Year.

Nunly said...

You're wrong again, Randal. It won't be the same old crap, but new and improved crap...smellier and steamier.

Happy New Year!

I was going to send you a Merry Christmas message, but I read your post about how much you hate Christmas and didn't think you would want it. Oh hell...I'll give it to you anyway, you old scrooge.

Here ya go... Merry Christmas!

Later gator.

PS: For cryin' out loud, take my name off your Dead Deceased Corpses list, that's too close for comfort. I should be on your Divine Resurrected from the Dead List. Sheesh. ;-)

Liberality said...

You are probably right and I'll be sorely disappointed more times than I care to count but here's to hoping that you are wrong!

susan said...

Okay, I bought a new calendar which at least indicates I'm anticipating there'll be an entire new year. If they start selling the things a week or month at a time then we'll know for sure things have changed.

Dusty said...

Same shit just a different year? Hardly....

New Pres, new congress critters and I am sure they will find ways to jack shit on it!

Merry New Year Randal. ;)

Beach Bum said...

Quite possibly it will be the same old crap but someone did bring up this new twist. Since George W. Bush feels he saved the world for God, Democracy, and free markets he will undoubtedly offer up advice to the new president as soon as some Fox Noise weenie shoves a microphone in his face. That at least will be prime material for at least a few laughs.

Übermilf said...

Oh yeah? Well, I'm going to buy some new underwear just to prove you wrong. So there.

DCup said...

How about if we do it this time - with feeling?

Utah Savage said...

Randal, it's yer granny talking to ya. Please just try to start this one new year with hope. Can ya do that fer yer granny, honey? Please? Otherwise granny's gone to spank yer ass really hard.

Or do you just have a hangover?

But anyways, happy new year.

Betty C. said...

Bah humbug.

Mais je te souhaite quand même une bonne et heureuse année 2009!

pissed off patricia said...

I gotta stay positive. Ya know, for the mental state and all. I predict your prediction will be wrong. But then I root for the Cowboys so what the hell do I know?

Sherry Peyton said...

True enough, life tends to plod along pretty much as usual, but that is not an excuse to name it and claim it as such. Get off your duff and make something, anything, special about this day, and do it every day. Then you can look back and have a memory or two worth having. I refuse to seccumb to the gloom of Jan 2. It will be a better year. It has to be. And I'm going to work at it.!

okjimm said...

what???? you do not even attempt to promise to be wittier, snarkier, more caustic, more quazi-intellecual, sarcastic, vehemently liberal &sorta sophisticated than last year? I am either stoically acceptant and nonchalantilly non-pulsed or variants of alcoholically induced indifference equalling self same or such.

Drinkbeer&beer happy, my friend.

Snave said...

More of the same old same old! Heh! I hope not. I'm not into New Year's resolutions anymore, but I still think we are in control of piloting our own li'l ships... so while I might not necessarily do the usual strict diet to lose weight and the usual ineffective, harsh exercise program in order to try and become buff, I do plan to try exercising a little more, eating a little better, and seeing if a change in habits can result in some kind of positive long-range changes.

But I will probably still spend lots of time in front of the computer, rambling on and on in the comment sections of other peoples' blogs as I am doing at this very moment, and posting my own silly stuff at my own place about feces and politics (one in same, aren't they!) I entertain myself with it, anyway. 8-)

I hope you will continue to post fun things at this blog in 2009 Randal. This is a good place to visit. Have a great year, and if I recall correctly, you are a Cleveland fan... so may the Browns, Cavs and Indians all do well!

Randal Graves said...

suzi, bah humbug!

bull, I stand corrected. May your flooding problems be transferred to a particular house in Crawford, Texas.

nunly, you know, I didn't get Wonder Woman for Xmas. And yeah, I'll get around to it. I'm lazy, or have you forgotten already? ;-)

liberality, I hope I'm wrong as well, but I've found that cynicism often predicts the future with uncanny accuracy!

susan, are you saying that there might be a rip in space-time and it'll be 2010 next week?

dusty, hmmm, that's an excellent point. I already know one thing that'll change: since a Dem will be in the White House, the Dems will suddenly locate their spine, missing since 2000.

BB, you know, I'm going to miss that little scamp. Thank Ted Stevens for the tubes that have saved all of his greatest hits for posterity.

übermilf, I was going to as well, but then I remember I don't wear any.

dcup, I don't know, that kind of sounds like work.

utah, oh, you young and crazy idealists with your hope and such. It's very comical. No, I'm not hungover. Then again, I'm typing this two days later.

betty, exactement. Et à toi aussi!

POP, see, this is one of those rare instances where I actually know what I'm talking about. DC is full of Wade Phillips and Terrell Owens.

sherry, I tried making something once, but then it fell over. But I've got a dustpan!

okjimm, quasi-intellectual? I'll be happy if I reach the level of non-intellectual! Baby steps, my man, baby steps.

snave, I thought about exercising more but then realized it would be work. Maybe I should get one of those rowing machines for when I watch the Cavs.

You better not stop posting about feces. If you do, we'll have to go to the newspapers to read about shit. ;-)

Hey, what's up with Roy? Missed his second straight game last night!

Border Explorer said...

There's always one straggler--so I'll be the one to add a line after you replied to everyone (no small job, that). Just wanted to say that if 2009 brings me your commentary on a regular basis, I just might be able to plow through 365 more days of the same old crap. Happy New Year [...and, BTW, I loved your comment to Liberality.]

Distributorcap said...

we're here because we're here

Tom Harper said...

So this means we'll just be re-running 2008 all over again?

Spartacus said...

You're a soothsayer, Randal. A Delphic Oracle.

S.W. Anderson said...

Au contraire. Crap it might be, but the greater likelihood is for some new stuff. That alone promises the relief of variety, the spice of life.

Randal Graves said...

BE, I simply wanted to counter all the hopeful hope of hope-i-ness. Sure, Chimpy and his puppetmaster won't be in DC anymore, but if you've got 7 diseases and one leaves, you still have 6.

dcap, that's too zen for me.

tom, in a way, but the crap might have a different consistency, attract a different kind of fly.

SWA, perhaps a new kind of crap is on the horizon. Everyone have their shovels?