Friday, May 8, 2009


Vacuum empty head:
slow, torturous, dead.
Yesterdays still rain.
And today? My brain,
wriggling forth midst sheep.
On skin it doth creep,
in flesh, burrow deep.
At last, time to sleep.


Liberality said...

You need some rays, dude, of sunshine to get rid of all that doom and gloom and rain. I feel for ya too.

susan said...

Having the i-pod on shuffle is always interesting and this morning doing our shopping rounds we heard: Heaven is an Orgasm by the Lords of Acid, followed by The Mystery Of Santo Domingo De Silos Gregorian Chant, followed by Ripple by the Grateful Dead, followed by Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals by Raymond Scott, followed by Strange Uncles From Abroad by Gogol Bordello. There were more but I'm so interested to hear what comes next I'm going out for another drive. The beach is only 90 miles away..

La Belette Rouge said...

Watch out e.e. cummings, here is eee Randal. I have never seen so many eees in one poem. Want to buy another vowel?

Tom Harper said...

I've heard a few things by Cathedral. I remembered them as more of a metal-psychedelic combination.

sunshine said...

Okay,don't come to my Blog. My Dixie Chicks and Heart's Dog and Butterfly music that I have rolling right now will definatly have your eyes heading skyward!

On the upside, my 16 year old son walked by and got all interested. "Whatcha listening to?" he asked. Usually all he talks about is weight lifting and martial arts. Nice to see Death Metal is on his list of interests as well. Is this Death Metal? What is Death Metal?

Anyhow, I've been here so the sun has shone upon you!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Utah Savage said...

Love the poem.

I have tried to write rhyming poetry and can only manage a couple of lines and then I find I lose some meaning in the search for the right word that also rhymes.

It's late and I'm stupid and can barely type. Don't say it. I can hear you thinking, "but you're always stupid." What a bastard! What a thing to say to a harmless old woman.

S.W. anderson said...

Add a little soft music and you've got an Addams Family lullaby.

Creepy sleepy, my little one, creepy sleepy. :)

Randal Graves said...

liberality, oh no, the gloom and doom is comfort, I just can't come up with anything here, or worse, offline.

susan, that might be the craziest shuffle I've ever read. If heaven is an orgasm, would self-loathers such as Lindsey Graham want or not want to be there? Discuss.

LBR, I hope I get enough to snag the dining room set!

tom, a phenomenal band. Their first album is über-slow doom, but they started getting a bit more cosmic hippie on their second, which this is off of. Remember the video for Midnight Mountain? Disco!

susan, I'll pass on the Dixie Chicks, but old Heart is good! Speaking of heart, always does mine a bit of good to hear the young ones into the death metal. Sniff.

utah, don't be projecting on me, you're a genius. Even if you won't give guitar-based hatred and violence from Scandinavia a chance, but I won't hold that against you if you try to slip a few more rhymes in your stuff. I'll be watching.

SWA, ha! You're right. A couple of loopy snaps, too.

Beach Bum said...

I never got any farther in rhyming than: "There was an old lady from Nantucket...."

Dr. Zaius said...

I like the part about brains. ;o)