Friday, July 11, 2008

The Real Big Trollop

"'Cause I'm Big Trollop, yes I'm the real Trollop
All you other Big Trollops are just plaster pinups
So won't the real Big Trollop please stand up,
please stand up, please stand up?"


Scarlet W. Blue said...

Guess there's a Big Trollop in all of us
Fvck it, let's all stand up!

Scarlet W. Blue said...

Hmm, I think you'll have to start a new blog category for moi. I'm not really a dead deceased corpse, but I'm not totally alive, either. I'm the Undead?

Mary Ellen said...

Being very competitive, I would like to jump in and say that I'm the "Trollop Extraordinaire!", but that would be a sin of pride...and being a trollop would be sinful, too. Oh! What to do????

Randal Graves said...

SWB, hey, we can't help it if we too plaster on the love.

And I've thought about that, a category for those on hiatus but haven't completely forsaken the tubes. Consider it done.

ME, what to do? Easy. Take hold of that crazy little thing called sin and be sinful. Duh.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

NOOOOO! Trollops are my FAV! I like BEING a trollop even, from time to time. You can't let McAnus dominate the trollop camp. Uh uh.

Mary Ellen said...

ME, what to do? Easy. Take hold of that crazy little thing called sin and be sinful. Duh.

I'm telling the Pope on you. ;-)

Ok...I'm game. I'll be trollop for a couple of days...then I'll hit the Confessional on Saturday. I may be forgiven, or I may get a date with the priest, we'll see.

okjimm said...

"Aw, shit! The ex-wife is back! I thought I dumped the bitch!"

oh, wowsers....SWB 'I'm the Undead?' oh, gees a blog-zombie!

Spartacus said...

C-word: "What the f*** is this? Lipstick?"

McPOW: "Shut up you trollop."

Can you guess who'll be hanging in steerage on their corporate jet?

Freida Bee said...

I'm supposing that's the McCain Rap. I hope the McCain girls will be getting on that shortly.

(Surely, Obama hired them.)

DivaJood said...

Since I'm Jewish, I don't have to worry about sin and such. So I can happily be a trollop. Perhaps I should be the designated trollop?

Randal Graves said...

UC, McAnus, heh heh. "Two rouge cheeks and a microphone!"

ME, go ahead, I ain't afraid of the Rat and his expensive shoes. ;-)

I doubt it on the date, since you're not a young boy.

okjimm, quick! Cover your brain!

spartacus, heh, the shot just before the one I picked was of C-word planting one on The Maverick®. He didn't look too happy.

FB, McCain's tha Original Gangsta. You know, since he's so old.

diva, well, the Jewish one anyway. I think ME has the Catholics covered. Any Muslim or atheist trollops out there? Worshipers of Zeus? Odin? It's very MLK, bringing trollops of all stripes together.

okjimm said...

if you say Trollop enough it sounds like a seafood dish with linguini,
And I thought you meant, for a moment, Trollope....which confused me big time

..and then I thought a trollop was when you REALLY beat the other team badly, ya know, we 'trolloped' them.....shit, I think I need a beer....with a side order of trollops. Diva a Reform Trollop, or a Orthodox Trollop? Is she a Kosher Trollop? And of course ME is a Traditional Trollop...and is there a special season for trollops? Are they in the produce section or frozen foods?

Dusty said...

Where is Trollop on the Whore Scale exactly?

Anita said...

Trollop all you will.

I, on the other hand, prefer to think of myself as strumpet, not to be confused, by the way, with a crumpet.

Although, one COULD argue that I'm a strumpet BECAUSE I'm such a crumpet.

But that's a bit too much to think about on a lazy friday afternoon, non?

DivaJood said...

okjimm, I am a Conservative Trollop, or maybe a Reconstructionist Trollop. Never an Ortho Trollop - I refuse to cover my big hair. And sauteed trollop with a bit of garlic butter, now that sounds really good.

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, yes, I'll have the trollop with hollandaise. The Indians aren't trolloping anyone these days. Well, they might be, but their life off the diamond is their business.

Come on, you really want to have a frozen trollop? Fresh is so much better.

dusty, good question. Let's find some whores. Hey, Republicans, we've got a question...

anita, but are all crumpets strumpets, and regardless of whether all crumpets are or are not strumpets, do all crumpets trollop or do only those crumpets that are strumpets trollop?

Why does this sound like something Dr. Seuss would've written while chasing down some Anaïs Nin with a few shots? After having returned home from an all night trolloping binge.

diva, as long as you're not a Strict Constructionist Trollop. Mmmm, garlic butter.

okjimm said...

A Crumpet
a Strumpet
A Trollop or two....

...and a Randal in a pear tree......

shit, I'm outa rhymes...
and the office too!

Mary Ellen said...

You guys ruined the trolloping with talk of food. Here I was all ready to go out trolliping and now I only feel like going out to dinner at my nearest seafood restaurant. Dammit!

okjimm- have fun on your trip this weekend. Too bad...I was heading to Wisconsin looking for a good trolloping. Sigh...I'll have to go to Cleveland, I guess.

Anita said...

Hmmm ... let's make syllogism, shall we?

IF all strumpets are trollops,
and all crumpets are strumpets,
THEN all crumpets are trollops.

DivaJood said...

CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN. Take THAT, San Francisco.

Mary Ellen said...

anita- I don't think I could do that, I've already sterted drinking for the weekend.

Hell,I'll give it a shot..

If all the trollops were crumpets
And all of the crumpets were muffins
Then all of the trollops would eat muffins and the strumpets would eat trollops.

Ok...that's not right.

Wanna beer?

susan said...

Is there room for a Hindu harlot at the festival? I think they get some of the best moves.. there's even a book somewhere around here.

Utah Savage said...

I'm an atheist but gave up on being the trollop when everybody became one. It turned so passe when the Bush posse came to town. Now everyone's a trollop. Cindy and McCain don't even have to pretend not to be anymore it's so fashionable among the rich. Phil Gramm, now there a real hard core trollop.

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, between the versification and impeding apocalyptic and hedonistic barbecuing, you're a latter day Byron! Assuming he grilled.

ME, are you saying food can't be sexy? Don't you remember the scene in Animal House between Otter and Mrs. Wormer?

Oh, I get it, Randal's the backup plan. Trollop!

anita, that must be made into a t-shirt.

diva, INDIANS win! INDIANS win! Take THAT Tampa Bay!

Just doesn't have the same ring.

ME, trollops eat muffins and strumpets eat trollops? Pass that beer, this I gotta see.

susan, there's room for everybody!

utah, great, now I'm having horrible visions of Hedwig and the Angry Gramm. Thanks for that.

enigma4ever said...

do you need a buddhist trollup ? is a trollup above or beneath a strumpet ?

( great blog- can I add you to my blogroll ? at watergatesummer ?)

Randal Graves said...

enigma, the more trollops the better! Well, going by anita's above syllogism, a trollop is, one can perhaps say, the lifestyle choice of a strumpet. Or a crumpet. Add away!

Je ne regrette rien said...

here in France, we prefer trollope. Yep, I can say that now ... (here in France). heh heh.