Friday, July 25, 2008

What a great day!

First, my man Dennis, hoping to get by with a little help from his friends, gets to show the Judiciary Committee today what a spine looks like, while everyone else will be hiding theirs under the flimsiest dog-and-pony show finery of actually giving a fuck about the law while these war criminals drunk on hubris, these thugs high on pain, their soulless political operatives and the greedhounds that bankroll them with an avarice that would shame Gordon Gekko continue to walk free in the same town as they do, getting ready to attend the same cocktail parties that evening along with the cackling circle of childish scribblers and plastic talking hairpieces that fawn over both motherfuckers and the motherfuckers' enablers for just the quickest taste of precious access to, mmmm, delicious, a single juicy morsel to fuel their pathetic raison d'être for one more miserable day.

Wait, that's not all that great.

Fucking cowards. You have no idea how much I hate you all.

Yeah, I know Elizabeth won't be there, but given that Dennis is about as handsome as I, why pass up a golden opportunity to prettify this ugly blog?

Secondly, and more importantly -- and to further prettify things in one more shade of red -- I get to perform my constitutional duty and drool at a widescreen Gillian Anderson.

Aliens, hurry.

Oh, dguzman? She's mine.

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that after the movie, we're taking grandpa out for a bite to eat and you're more than welcome to join us.

"My friends, in West Germany, the pfannkuchen are this big."


Anonymous said...

Dennis is a champion of all Americans. I am so glad he is getting his day in court today to detail, for the record, just how deeply the Bush Administration has failed us.

But were it not for the red hair, Gillian would do nothing for me. So, if you don't mind, I think I'll take my seat ringside while you and dguzman duke it out. Now, if you jones for Selma Hayek, I'll break out the sword and flail for that one.

Great quote on grampa. He was packing some serious fudge after his sausage fest yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Major props to the red heads!

Dean Wormer said...

1) I'm still fuming that we missed out on not only the chance to have a president Kucinich but also the first First Lady with a tongue stud.

2) Let us know how the X-Files movie is. Anderson is a hottie.

3) The only eatery in which McCain would look natural in is the Old Country Buffet.

DivaJood said...

I heart Dennis Kucinich. He's got more spine than any of those yahoos in Congress, and he makes us proud.

McCain: "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.."

Unconventional Conventionist said...

It looks to me like McSame is fixin' to pick up that condiment tray and hurl it at the poor slob across the table.

Mary Ellen said...

This is just fucking guys get Gillian Anderson and Elizabeth Kucinich, and the gals get Dennis Kucinich and John McCain? You're a cruel man, Randal.

Anonymous said...

What The Nun said. (Scoots off to Google pix of Clive Owen)

okjimm said...

"My friends, in West Germany, the pfannkuchen are this big."

Really, John?

"Yuppers! I haven't sucked on anything that big since I ran into Larry Craig at the Minneapolis airport."

Really John?

"Oh, yeah! And West Germany is really neat. I think it is next East Checzlovakia. Or North Yugoslavia. Or Inner Europe. One of those Middle East states. Anyways, which one of you guys wants to blow me?"

Angie said...

Hopefully, we'll be off to the X-Files this weekend. I agree with M.E. in regards to the imbalance of this post. Although I forgive easily, especially given the photo on the previous post. Have a great weekend.

Randal Graves said...

spartacus, Wexler is your rep, right? We're pretty lucky. I feel bad for those stuck with some wingnut clown. Miss Hayek is quite the looker, but she's all yours.

"Grampa, why are you always packing fudge?"

"You kids get off my lawn!"

FOT, word.

dean, 1)how cool would that have been?

2)Will do. I'm hoping to go tonight, but definitely by Monday at the absolute latest. Famous last words.

3)HA! Very true.

diva, you forgot to add "my friends."

UC, hmm, he does look slightly perturbed, doesn't he?

"I told you to mash up this corn!"

ME, so the power of my sexy monocle has worn off already?

dcup, I hope you're not planning on posting pictures of Mr. Owen at your place in a state of objectification 'cause stuff like that is wrong.

okjimm, you had to give your comment a wide enough stance to allow Larry to make an appearance, didn't ya? At least you left the Diaper Dandy out of it.

angie, yes, I too thought Alessandra looked lovely in that dress. And you do the same.

Christopher said...

We're seeing Scully and Mulder Monday afternoon so no movie spoilers now.

I just hope X-Files does good so they make a third film.

Love the X-Files!

Utah Savage said...

okjimm!!! If I can get my laughter under control long enough to finish this small tribute to you. You should take that routine on the road heckling Gandpa at every stop. You da man!

Bradda said...

Did that old bastard order the condiment tray thinking it was a sampler platter?

Tom Harper said...

Whew! That's a looong sentence at the beginning of your post. All true though.

Who's that old man in the bottom picture? I saw him at the restaurant last night. When the waitress told him they were all out of sarsparilla, he threw a tantrum and started yelling "Flibbertyfloo!" over and over.

Distributorcap said...

you have no idea how much i have missed reading you Randal......

Border Explorer said...


susan said...

I'm still sad about Dennis. He's a very brave and moral man and I know what Elizabeth sees in him.

Maybe McCain just found out the Dalai Lama isn't Dolly's younger sister. 'I was gonna show her my pfannkuchen. Now what the hell can I show that guy?'

American Hill BIlly said...

I see Gillian is wearing a peace sign which is good; I wonder if she'll give free love???? I need to know.
That was a good post. That man has fought battle after battle against these thugs, and is just a Real Man.

Peace and Freedom

Randal Graves said...

christopher, that's probably when we'll go, but if earlier, I'll toss up a colossal SPOILER heading. I've read a few reviews and they seem to be consistently 'meh' on it, but it's the goddamn X-Files, of course I'm going to see it.

utah, do you think we could get the DNC to pay for okjimm to follow McCain around? I figure it would only take him a few stops to get The Maverick® to pop his top.

bradda, "grampa, you're supposed to put ketchup and mustard ON your burger!"

tom, ha! You know, I'm sure a lot of us guys will turn into angry, cranky old bastards like this joker, but at least we'd be smart enough to not try and run the country.

dcap, thanks my friend, same goes for me, but thankfully you DID post while on your Grand Tour. Is it a Grand Tour if one goes to Finland instead of Italy?

BE, I'm only allowed to have one intern? ;-)

susan, I got to watch some of the replay on CSPAN last night (why does the good stuff always happen when I'm at work?) and it was depressing to watch, knowing that these criminals are going to walk.
Anyone out there NOT think the system is fucking broken, raise your hand.

AHB, if she did, we'll, we'd be about 7 millionth in line. ;-)

I'm certainly proud to vote for Dennis every time I can.

enigma4ever said...

I am offering up as an intern...I mean what the job for an Old Nurse for the Diva campaign ? or maybe for an old redhead ? sigh....

Let us know how Xfiles is....

( btw Dennis and Wexler ROCKED it beyond belief....."impeachment is off the table" what the hell...fine...let's just go for war crimes...)

Border Explorer said...

So sorry, Ms. 4ever. We appreciate your qualifications, but the position of intern to Mr. Graves is already adequately filled. Perhaps we can interest you in another position in the campaign?

Dusty said...

I am so fucking glad you blogged on the Impeachment Hearing Randal. I was just too sick and tired of the bullshittery. I voted for Dennis in the Cali Primary even though he had already dropped out, I love that dude.

I think I need a self-imposed news blackout week to recharge. But I know I won't do it. ;p

lol..@ the grandpa part..touche'!

Dusty said...

Okjimm is a freaking trip! Made me spit coffee on the ol laptop he did ;)

Randal Graves said...

enigma and BE, I'm telling ya, I'm starting to like this campaign manager gig.

dusty, that's what I did. Dennis was on the primary ballot, so he got my vote.

I've gone an entire weekend without news, but any longer than that, it's akin to passing by a car wreck. You don't want to look, but you have to!

Dusty said...

I think 24 hours is my record Randal on ignoring the news. ;p

I will probably write-in Dennis in the general election. Or the fat white feline Scooter Lee.

enigma4ever said...

Randall - Diva in her infinite wisdom and leadership has come up with the perfect post for me..( and since the Internship I was seeking is filled- boohoo)...
the Department of Health Disservices and XFILES is I did not want you worrying you would have to find me work ;-(

( and yes, thank you for blogging about the Hearings..I watched...but I have nothing to say at this point....Dennis and Wexler are the only ones that still have a spine....)

Border Explorer said...

[Whew, crisis averted. My position is secured...]

Jen Clark said...

Randal darling, Elizabeth was there. She sat right behind the witnesses and got a pretty good amount of air time.

I actually blogged the entire hearing if you want to check it out.

Thanks for talking about the hearing. So far, this is the only other blog I've found that has mentioned it. Do people just not know it happened or do they not give a shit?