Friday, September 4, 2009

Be sure to tip your waitress.

Of course I take requests, overt or otherwise (apparently), you bloodthirsty --

Hey! Here ya go, Nunly, just for you!

Hmm, this might come in handy.

Not tonight, dear, I have no head to ache.

Dance, monkey, dance?

Oh, you can't -- 'cause you're dead!

Speaking of the dead, are you here for my brains, Mr. Zombie?

"Hussein lull kids teevee Hitler sleep, chomp, chomp, chomp!"

Children are the future, only that of your intestinal tract.



sunshine said...

Ahhhhhhhh... that was funny.
I think the scariest picture was that of Wayne Newton. His jet black hair freaks me out!!

Now, if you'll excuse me. ;D

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

You forgot to say Donke shane to Wayne Newton.



Tom Harper said...

Nice picture of Wayne Neuter (as a New York DJ used to call him).

Demeur said...

Graves what kind of perscription are you taking? I want some but I can't afford the doctors visit.

Suzan said...

Graves, you swine (this is your name, right?),

Isn't it "Danke Shame?"


Where does the line form, Demeur?

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, freaks you out? That's classic American style, pinko Canuck! Pshaw!

tengrain, oh shit, I've really stepped in it now.

tom, I will not brook such blasphemy. The power of Wayne compels you to repent!

demeur, my pop just got out of the hospital a couple of weeks back and I suggested he should give me his unused Vicodin. He thought I was joking.

suzan, my wife calls me much worse, so tengrain's sobriquet is acceptable.

Christopher said...

I always thought Wayne Newton bore an eerily similar resemblance to the great lesbian singer, K.D. Lang.

Is that wrong?

Übermilf said...

The scariest picture to me is that stupid annoying blonde chick. The UberGirls have a newfound obsession with all things Indiana Jones and I've had to listen to her annoying screaming throughout that movie for hours on end. I would've thrown her in the fire myself.

Randal Graves said...

christopher, hmm. There's a slight resemblance, but Wayne wins the Best Coiffure category, follicles down.

übermilf, oh man, I hear you on that. And, unfortunately, hear her. That movie is saddled with the best line in the series, and the worst character. I always root for the Thuggee to cut her heart out and they never do.

Anonymous said...

The image of wayne Newton as KD Lang is forever seared into my brain. Damn IT. He is grotesque at this point. He and Joan Rivers must support a 3rd world country with their facelift expenses.

Excuse me while I go out and hose my brain out. Yech...what an idea.

S.W. Anderson said...

Randal, that second photo, the one of Cheney after he was told for the 565th time The Decider would not bomb or invade Iran — how did you get hold of it?

Christopher said...

He is grotesque at this point. He and Joan Rivers must support a 3rd world country with their facelift expenses.

LMAO! Actually, I kinda' think Madonna and Joan Rivers are starting to look like identical twins.

Liberality said...

Crap--now I gotta go wash my brain out! Thanks Randal!

Distributorcap said...

i had monkey brains for dinner too

susan said...

Delighted to see you've turned into the David Cronenberg of Bloggodrome. It suits you and the times.

Randal Graves said...

sherry and christopher, well, Vegas is where the mad scientists hold their annual supervillain convention.

SWA, if I told you, the Cheney Ghoul would kill us.

liberality, be sure to use acid!

dcap, what wine would you recommend for monkey brains?

susan, exploding craniums are funny, what can I say?

Beach Bum said...

I'm definitely on the outside of this Indiana Jones debate. For years I thought Mrs. Spielberg was the hottest of the Jones girls.

Mary Ellen said...

Randal- I can't tell you how special I feel (albeit late to the post) to see that bloody exploding head. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, just like I do when you threaten to come show up at my door in your underwear. ;-)

Dr. Zaius said...

Kinda phoned it in, didn't cha?