Friday, November 9, 2007


noun: 1. The action of deliberating, or weighing a thing in the mind; careful consideration with a view to decision.
2. The consideration and discussion of the reasons for and against a measure by a number of counselors (e.g. in a legislative assembly).
3. What never happens in Congress with any intelligence.
4. A song by Katatonia.

Whew! The NaBloPoMo streak stays alive, barely!


Mary Ellen said...

Intelligence in our Congress? ROTFLMAO!

I think they should be given remedial reading courses before they can take an oath of office because it's obvious to me that they never read the bills that they are voting on.

Great video! I've never heard of Katatonia, which shows what a music nerd I am. Time to brush off the ol' IPod and put in some new music,I guess.

FranIAm said...

This is great. Love the video and music.

And Randal Graves, we always love you with your wit, your irony and that ennui...

Plus you give great comment. Really.

Freida Bee said...

Unfortunately, Congress has been emphasizing the "de" in de-liberation a little too much.

Randal Graves said...

Mary Ellen, you couldn't be more right. Hell, even non-legislative stuff. I'm thinking of that one Congress Critter who was on Colbert, über-gung ho about the Ten Commandments, and couldn't name more than one. As for music, hell, there's so much stuff out there, where do you start? I'll always take suggestions, especially as I get older and my tastes fly all over the map. As for Katatonia, they're from Sweden, started out as a doom/death outfit and have intermittently morphed into the depressing mood rock you heard here. They're brilliant. :)

Fran, see my last comment. :) I love these guys. Secondly, you're far too kind. Except for the last part. I simply know what the ladies, er, the people want.

Freida Bee, didn't one of those jackasses, once upon a time, state that you can't have civil liberties if you're dead? Then The Usually Mighty Russ brought forth the grand spectre of Patrick Henry. So many memories we'll all have once the police state is in full swing.