Friday, November 2, 2007

In Iraq, every day is Halloween

It's always a plus when you find fewer corpses, no?

Maybe not.

Helps to read between the lines, doesn't i - oh, who am I kidding. Iraqi deaths mean as much now as they ever did. And just like voting, the only thing that matters is who's doing the counting.

Despite what the wingnuts say, us on the left do sincerely wish things in Iraq would improve. If there was only a Superman with the political chops and boundless energy to help us do exactly that. Oh, where could we ever find such an angel from beyond the stars....

"I'll do it!"

*cue celebratory trumpets*


FranIAm said...

My heart is just breaking.

This is so sick. How can this be?

Why am I surprised though?

One of my more conservative friends and I were in a conversation and she brought up the reduced number of deaths.

I think I may have to point her to this piece.

Randal Graves said...

Think it'll actually work? I always chuckle at the plethora of diaries on dKos for example that go "I told my conservative dad/mom/uncle/grandma about x/y/z and they hate Bush now!"

Um, every conservative I know refuses to accept the facts or even see them. I could toss untold documentation in their face and it's la la la la la la with fingers poking their brain.

PoliShifter said...

The U.S. will do what it always does when it doesn't get its way...

our way in Iraq means stealing their oil which the democratically elected Iraqi Parliament seems to oppose...I know, odd isn't it? I mean after all we did liberate them from the nasty Saddam...don't we deserve their oil? Just because more Iraqis have died since our invasion than under Saddam and just because Iraq's quality of life is worse under the American Occupation than under Saddam doesn't mean we don't get their oil...doesn't it?

I predict al-Malaki in the near future will be accused by the U.S. of working with Iran, we'll scrap the whole government, and we'll install Chalabi as our puppet and new strong like Saddam man.

Chalabi will do anything Bush wants. The problem is, Iraqis don't like him.

Nothing a few bombs can't solve.

Candace said...

They don't ... count. car bombings. and. suicide bombings.

[banging head against desk...]

Distributorcap said...

it is a total clusterfuck over there

i remember as a kid watching newscasts on Vietnam and they would say things are improving when only 150 people died, down from xx the week before

Randal Graves said...

Poli, you're one of the few out there who rivals my cynicism. I can't wait until we sell some WMDs to Chalabi, then when he's pissed off President Rudy! enough - assuming we have any weapons left over after our failed attempt to rein in Iran - we'll start the invasion. I wonder which American shaking his hand will prove to be the iconic image in 2029 like Rummy and Saddam is now.

Candace, see, you're learning. They're just uneducated, uncultured swarthy types. Sad, sure, but it's like killing a bunch of cats and dogs.

dcap, I can only imagine having lived through Vietnam, seeing this (the reporting is certainly a bit more sparse now, the draft and all that, but that's an aside to your main point) and it being deja vu all over again. The closest I ever got was watching that Ten Thousand Day War deal on the tube. For people even younger than I, war and violence keeps on getting dumbed down, sanitized.