Saturday, November 3, 2007

"It's so hard for me to listen to you, I hate you all so much!" partie deux

Why waste valuable brain power coming up with a clever title when you can recycle one that fits perfectly? And it is true. I do hate you all. SO MUCH. We already knew that with Dianne having sweaty, hot and heavy trysts with the military-industrial complex on a regular basis, her response was not at all surprising. Holy Joe with breasts. But you, Chuckles, explain yourself:

“I deeply esteem those who believe the issue of torture is so paramount that Judge Mukasey’s views on it should be the sole determinant of our vote,” Schumer said in a statement. “But I must respectfully disagree.

“The Justice Department is a shambles: politicized and demoralized. The belief and hope [is] that Justice Mukasey, with his experience, independence and integrity, can restore the department motivates my vote.”
Hang on a second, mes amis, and just let me type this up and feed it into the Universal Congress-O-Speak-To-English Translator.

Dammit, work, you cheap ass Chinese import!

Ah, here we are. Let's see what it says:
"If you inbred activist-y MoveOn and Code Pink types are stupid enough to think that we'd even broach saving the torn, battered, ripped-up, shredded, violated, bruised, cut, chainsawed, hacked-to-bits American soul and dare bring down the ire of the Very Serious who might label us - gasp! - weak on terrorism, then you're all one colossal blob of naive idiots.

Our friends on the other side of the aisle are happy because he refused to answer on the constitutionality of torture thereby permitting it to go on unabated, and we're happy because then we didn't have to do our jobs which gave us more time to score some juicy lobbying bucks. Oh yeah, belief and hope and unicorns and leprechauns and pots of gold and - what? Yes, Mr. Bush, I still have one vertebra left. No, you said I could keep it as a memento! Why do you want it now? Oh, alright Mr. Bush, I'll bring it over. Gee whiz."
Even lefty blogosphere hero Russ Feingold remains undecided.



PoliShifter said...

Another bullshit excuse...

You stand up to Bush and to recess appointment.s

This is chickenshit bullshit politics just like in August when they voted to extend the warrantless wiretapping saying "IF there is an attack and we don't vote for it...we'll get blamed"

I'd like to think these guys are rank political amateurs with their heads up their ass but they are not.

They know what they are doing. They are appeasing Bush, doing some horse trading with him. Their answers are meant to appease the 'far left' as they wag a finger at us saying "you just don't get high minded politics...silly activists, politics is for corrupt grown ups to play".

We fucking had a chance to start setting things right and these fucks sold us out.

Randal Graves said...

And now with Pakistan extra fucky, the lack of spine is going to matter on an even scarier global scale.

I didn't think I'd ever see the day where voting would come to mean not a goddamn fucking thing, but here we are. Our choices are blatantly evil, or their enablers. Woo.

TomCat said...

Randal, I'm so disgusted with those to I could... never mind. :-(

FranIAm said...





Robert Rouse said...

You sound a tad bit frazzled. What you need is a good hug ... and I'm pretty sure the US has a few machines than give really TIGHT hugs.

Grace Nearing said...

It's at times like these when you send your senators and congressmen a not-so-gentle reminder that they will indeed have to actually win their primaries and that netizens are very good at finding and funding credible primary opponents.

And then you drink so heavily that you make Ted Kennedy look like Carrie Nation.