Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin, Randal Graves

Not you, you're the best. And not me, either, shut your piehole, peanut gallery. While my nukyular family and I -- since it's implied that I'm part of said communal unit, did I just square myself and if so, does this mean I now have super powers or at least put an end to the receding of my hairline? -- were watching the stupendously wonderful It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown the other day (don't look so surprised, any show that praises that darkest and most pagan of our festival days is very metal), Doodily asked me what the origin of the slang term 'blockhead' was. Since you're no doubt curious, too, here you go, courtesy of the OED:

1. A wooden head, a wooden block for hats or wigs; hence, a head with no more intelligence in it than one of these, a blockish head. Obs. (This would now be written block head or block-head.)

2. Hence, One whose head is blockish or ‘wooden’; an utterly stupid fellow.

1549 COVERDALE Erasm. Par. 1 Cor. xi. 14 A blockheade that hathe loste the judgemente of nature. 1593 NASHE Christs T. 69b, Bee he the veriest block-head vnder heauen. 1668 CULPEPPER & COLE Barthol. Anat. I. xxiv. 59 Block-heads and dull-pated Asses. 1712 BUDGELL Spect. No. 307 {page}12 Being dismissed as an hopeless Block-head. 1875 JOWETT Plato (ed. 2) I. 222 He might think me a blockhead, and refuse to take me.

Thus, I asketh of thee this All Hallows E'en, that verily thou beest not a blockheade that hathe loste the judgement of nature & thus trusteth in the Lorde & limite thy partakynge of sugare lest ye vomitt up thy innardes for if thou durst, thou canst slawter thy ennemies in colde bludd.


MRMacrum said...

I would rather know the origin of the term Asshole. Or maybe Dip Shit. Blockhead seems so....Pedestrian.

susan said...

I limit my sweet indulgences to the pagan feast of new light when Crow and I share fruitcake.

Demeur said...

Far too much info for this simpleton to ingest. I must be a blockhead as the more I learn the less I really know.
There be little blood in this sugar system especially chocolate. Stab me and I run creamy sweet brown. Oh, what ghoulist feast I'd make.

Liberality said...

There is nothing wrong with watching It's the Great Pumpkin.

Happy Hallow's Eve to you and yours ;~)

Holte Ender said...

And who art thou? Some white faced fool of god . . .

sunshine said...

I hate those Peanut's cartoons. It took me many years to admit that because it's not cool. Everyone loves Charlie Brown! Not I.

I think I might be description #2. :P

If one of my kids had asked what a Blockhead was I probably would have just said.. "a dummy". :P

((Hugs)) *Spooky ones because it's Halloween!!!*


Randal Graves said...

mrmacrum, don't blame me, blame the network for not showing the R-rated version.

susan, fruitcake? Now that's scary, and thus, appropriate.

demeur, should I point the nearest pack of ghouls in your direction?

liberality, I love that old Peanuts stuff. Don't eat too much candy corn, or you'll have stalks growing in your gut.

holte, Klarkash-Ton, I thought you had been eaten!

sunshine, gasp! No love for Peanuts? Well, you ARE Canadian. In this case, I shall say that verily, thou art a blockhead. ;-)

Beach Bum said...

All those years in the pumpkin patch and Linus never put the moves on Sally? Now that is a blockhead.

Dr. Zaius said...

Where's the part about the candy? :o(

S.W. Anderson said...

Enough about George W. Bush already.

Mary Ellen said...

Pfft! A little bit (or a lot) of sugare can't keep me from slawtering mine ennemies in colde bludd. I am woman...I multi-task. I can eat a Snickers bar with one hand and slay anyone who tries to take it from me.

When thou dost luv the chocolate as much as one shall taketh it without the loss of thy hand.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Have you learned nothing from Buffy? What did you do all those years it was on?

The demons are all generally embarassed by Halloween, and they never plan any sort of assault on October 31. Pat Robertson, on the other hand...



Demeur said...

Mary Ellen now there's a woman after my own heart. We can either split the chocolates 50/50 or go for a cage match. An even match I'm Swiss.

Madam Z said...

Would not a skull in the form of a cube have more space in which to house one's brain? Especially a brain in the shape of a cube? The possibilities tax the abilities of my roughly oval brain, which longs to expand to the four (eight?) corners of the block.

Chef Cthulhu said...

This "G" is for Graves, right?

Christopher said...

We stayed home and watched old B&W suspense movies on TCM. They rocked.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman, and one of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen titled, Murders in the Zoo, starring Randolph Scott and a bunch of people I'd never heard of.

It was good to be in a warm house, no crowds or costumes to deal with and just hanging out.

In fact, we were in bed by 12 midnight. How's that for boring?

Randal Graves said...

BB, that dilemma blankets his whole life.

dr.zaius, I already ate it all.

SWA, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, I'm a blockhead, heh heh.

nunly, you aren't planning on sending a crusading army to my house to steal all of my chocolate, are you?

tengrain, there are always plenty of Ethan Raynes to fend off with truth, justice and all that other useless crap.

demeur, I want pay-per-view rights!

madam z, could always stick your head in a box and cut your skull open to let your brain fill in the gaps. Of course, you'll likely die, so better to find an unwitting test subject.

chef, HA!

christopher, classic flicks sure beats cheesy music, overpriced food and cheap plastic masks.

Distributorcap said...

blockhead is a restaurant that serves a pretty good burrito up on 3rd ave

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