Friday, September 5, 2008


No, I didn't watch McFossil, merely passed through during the commercials of the post-game wrapup. I did see plenty of red signs bearing the word Peace being thrown about when the old coot strolled onto the stage. That was comical in a pass the bottle sort of way.

I'm convinced these things were mentioned quite often:
tax-and-spend liberal
fighting corruption

Whatever. If you liked Nixon, Reagan, Bush the Smarter, Bush the Lesser, you'll love Johnny Mac. But these grotesque apparitions certainly aren't the ghosts I'd prefer to post about.

Witchcraft, reprise

A portrait in ruin, faded
image circumscribed; strokes of black
confide in scenes loved, yet hated.
Sable gaze whispers all I lack,
all that now thrones me before shame;
joy, sadness, night and day the same –
the kiss thought lost calls from the flame.

Impressions cast their colors, bright
stone deceived by dismal shadows
thrown upon the wall. From the light
a memory, a chance that glows;
then burns, burns away to the door,
scattered ashes leaving the floor
to fly, fly away evermore.


okjimm said...

I watched 'some'. The guy has as much charisma as Wonder Bread.

He talked about change alot. He mentioned that their is a need for a political change in Washington. He talked about he hated war.

I think he was endorsing Obama.

He rather fidgeted, too. I think his Depends were scrunching up his balls.

Karen Zipdrive said...

When someone endures hardship such as McCain did as a POW, it's easy to have sympathy.
But when that person and all his minions keep telling the story, there comes a time when you wish he were not a POW- you wish he were still MIA.
McCain has cheapened his heroism by over the top harping about it.
It's almost as if his entire life peaked 40 years ago and he's spent the last four decades cashing in on it.

Spartacus said...

I watched the speech after the game and I have to say he had all the appeal of a 2x4. One of my favorite parts was the video when his mother called him a momma's boy.

KZ, I sort of agree with you on the POW sympathy, but I can't imagine any POW turning down an opportunity to be released from captivity for the sake of loyalty. That's not leadership. That's just plain fucking stupid.

Agi said...

Peace with honor!

2008 is 1968.

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, oh, I suppose you're one of those "whole wheat" kind of voters. Thanks for that last image, especially since he always looks like that when he gives that stilted thumbs up.

karen, exactly, and it's not as if he's been this lone voice in the wilderness decrying BushCo treating veterans like shit before, during and after being in the field.

spartacus, ha! I wish I'd seen that. What, no comment on the lines from a fellow versifier? I'm hurt, man. ;-)

agi, I see overzealous cops are back in vogue, as well. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

Mary Ellen said...

I don't think McCain's adding his POW story in his acceptance speech was a bad thing. After all, didn't John Kerr start his acceptance speech with a salute and "John Kerry reporting for duty"? Military duty being put front and center in an election isn't anything new...let the guy tell his story. The only thing it will do is secure his base. No big deal.

I will say, that listening to him is painful in that he is boring as hell. Listening to Obama stutter his way through an interview is none to pleasing either. It's a good thing that Diva Jood has better oratory skills and so do I after I've had a hit on my joint. Maybe McCain could do himself good with a little toke before a speech...and it could also help Obama with his stutter.

See? More reasons why marijuana should be made legal!

Mary Ellen said...

Ooops...meant John Kerry not John Kerr. My keyboard let me down again...damned sticky keys.

Randal Graves said...

ME, with McFossil, it's front, center, side, up, down, near, far. Believe me, I get that military service is going to be trotted out at every opportunity by both major parties - this is America, after all - but he's using that as a reason we should vote for him. Are you fucking kidding me? I'm less inclined to vote for a guy - not that I'd ever vote for this tool regardless - that had to deal and live with the shellshock of that hell while having that temper.

And I'm glad you two get to do the speaking, I'm such a horrible orator, I'd make Johnny look mediocre. Though, gimme a hit, just to make sure.

Dean Wormer said...

I need to get out more.

McCain was a prisoner of war?


Was it WW II or Vietnam?

Did he have to deal with a German Sergeant that "knows nothing?"

Was the guy that was the host on Family Feud also in the camp with him?

On a serious note- I didn't watch much of that shitfest but I did catch the video that showed the towers coming down. I hate McCain, Palin and all those republican fuckers that continue to use that tragedy as a political marketing tool with a whitehot passion.

okjimm said...

'to fly, fly away evermore.'

forgot ta say I liked that.

& Spartz makes a good point....

' an opportunity to be released from captivity for the sake of loyalty. That's not leadership. That's just plain fucking stupid.'

& what the Dean said...
'use that tragedy as a political marketing tool'

..if I remember correctly, that event happened on the Republican watch.....

La Belette Rouge said...

I wonder if the Republican Convention flu is going around. I feel sicker every day. Randal, he can't win. Can he???

Randal Graves said...

dean, well hey, if you all didn't want them to continue milking it for political ends, then maybe Clinton's penis shouldn't have enabled all those pent up feelings of terrorism. After all, 9/11 did happen on his watch.

okjimm, now what did I just say? Clenis! Clenis! Clenis!

LBR, of course he can, but then again, I assume the worst in nearly all situations.

susan said...

Nice versification and excellent choice of musical counterpoint to same. Feeling a bit better now in spite of gut level instinct kicking in - hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Randal Graves said...

Thanks, I sort of riffed off of a Donne piece I dig, Witchcraft by a picture. I think the Beethoven helped too, wistful always does. For love crap anyway, not politics. ;-)

Christopher said...

McCain looked like a startled lab rat: white fur, tiny darting eyes, all before a truly bizarre green screen, I kept expecting to see the Tele Tubbies come dancing out.

No mention of the 600,000+ jobs lost since January, the troops serving on their 4th and 5th tour in an illegal, and immoral war without end, and lots and lots of lies.

"I'm a reformer, I'm the outsider" said the lab rat. Odd coming from a man who has been in Washington DC 26 years.

If this country elects this Old Coot and his sidekick, McCandy, then there's no hope. Just flush it all down the commode.

Missy said...

Very nice in a melancholy sort of way. Not McCain; the poem. McCain makes my eyes burn, burn away to the door. He's so stubby. He can't even put his arms down. They stick out at the sides like some grotesque wrinkled old toddler.

"I think he was endorsing Obama."

Mary Ellen said...

Yikes, randal! I wasn't endorsing the guy, just said I wasn't surprised that he would use his military record, that's all. The guy needs to hold on to his base...and his pee pee.

Ok, you can have a hit, I have to go make a pan of brownies anyway. For some reason I have the munchies.

dguzman said...

I heard there were a lot of empty seats at the convention. Is anyone besides a few wackjobs and the MSM voting for this geezer?

spyderkl said...

I think I watched for about 30 sec. or so. In that time, I noticed two things:

He sounds like my grandfather did right before he died - like an old, feeble, weak man.

Instead of the wild cheers of Wednesday, there were "golf claps".

I'm sorry that he was captured while he was in Vietnam (and my FiL did two tours in 'nam and didn't manage to get captured, ahem), but that doesn't make him fit to be President.

Beach Bum said...

I agree with Christopher, if McCain wins just flush it down the commode. Then add the fact that Palin will use her VP slot to make a POTUS run if McCain actually makes it through his term. If he doesn't, well I ain't drunk enough to think about that yet.

Border Explorer said...

"...From the light
a memory, a chance that glows;
then burns, burns away to the door,
scattered ashes leaving the floor
to fly, fly away evermore."

We need to win this election. Or ashes flying off evermore might pretty well describe what happens next.

Now, who wants a nice custard donut?

Randal Graves said...

christopher, you know, lab rat is a nearly perfect description. One thing I noticed, and this covers all the speakers, not just McFossil, is that any time one of them said something vaguely positive or pro-community, pro-helping, there was always a pause before the clapping began, as if the wingnuts had to process it "oh, shit, we're on teevee, better make nice with the softy lefty crap." But whenever anything extra-macho or pro-drilling, the cheering was immediate.

missy, "I can't put my arms down!"
"Put them down when you get to Congress."

It's like they pulled him out of a Herbie Hancock video.

ME, oh I know you weren't, it's just that seems to be, once you boil everything away, THE theme with this guy: I was a POW so vote for me!

Don't be eating that entire pan.

dguzman, yeah, at least 55 million I bet. If this clown wins, the world should shun us for at least a century.

spyderkl, but he has experience! And hell no it doesn't. And I don't get what's so heroic about it, that war was a fucking waste of lives, both those killed, and those permanently scarred, physically and emotionally. Nothing heroic about that.

BB, but since you mentioned it, I AM thinking about it and therefore must drink to cope. At least she has foreign policy experience.

BE, custard donut? Be still my heart.

Tom Harper said...

You got all the buzzwords, so you've pretty much heard his speech. And don't forget P.O.W.

Oh, and did you know that John McCain was once a Prisoner Of War?

Randal Graves said...

What? In which war? Don't be pulling my leg man, that just ain't cool.

Dusty said...

I watched NONE of McSame's speechifying. Fuck that old bastard. It's the usual Rethug bullshit just a different election year.

But the music..I love the music vid in this post..hugs to ya Randal. ;)