Monday, December 3, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 12

The Good: A brilliant 2-point attempt, special teams ace Joshua Cribbs faking a run before tossing to Kellen Winslow, a great goal line stand to nearly save the day, the offense moved the ball well and looked pretty damn good...

The Bad: ...except for the fucking turnovers. All four of them. The run defense - again - was garbage. Edgerrin James is not Jim Brown or Earl Campbell, okay? Derek, stop throwing into triple coverage, okay? Kurt Warner can't move and had sore ribs, so why not blitz him more than you did, especially with Larry Fitzgerald out and Anquan Boldin getting hurt?

The Ugly: I think we just got flagged for another penalty. Commish, two things, one league-related, one game-specific: first, horsecollar tackles - grabbing a chunk of uniform and dragging a dude down - is satanic, but tackling by pulling on someone's hair - attached to the head - is holy? Second, that crew sucked. We benefited from both challenges - incorrectly. Then, as an overt make-up, these same clowns failed to overturn an obvious push-out on the final Hail Mary. Kellen got one foot down inbounds then got knocked out by a defender. You had no problem helping Arizona out against Minnesota a few years back, and that impacted a playoff spot. Get some refs that don't suck AND have some sack. "We can't review judgment calls." What a joke.

Up next: at the J-E-T-S! THREE! AND! NINE! Come on. If there's any gimme on the schedule not named the 49ers, it's this one. You're supposed to beat inferior teams. A last thing, gents: do NOT turn the ball over.


pissed off patricia said...

We were in a sports bar yesterday and I looked up to see the Browns playing a bunch of guys in red pajamas. Did they have bunny feet in the pj's too? Long ago when the Cowboys were playing against the Cardinals, I always referred to them as the pesky cardinals because they could seem to beat the Cowboys when hardly any other team could.

Playing Miami could be a gimme for any team right now.

Questions: Why are they called the Browns and why don't they have some sort of a logo? I'm not being snide, I just wonder about such things.

La Belette Rouge said...

Are you saying your team won? Um, what else to say on a foot ball post? Well, I think Romeo Crennel could use some fashion help. I just Googled to try and figure out if you won or not and there was Romeo looking less than romantic.

Thanks be to God, my husband is more of a college football guy. And that is his only sport. And, fortunately, his beloved Beaver's won and that means we are going to a bowl game. I always root for them to make it to a Bowl game---as that means he won't go into a depressive funk and I don't have to Christmas shop for him (tickets, flight, hotel and me sitting through a football game is all the gift I can give).

Mary Ellen said...

In Chicago we had the bad, the ugly, and the even uglier. Bear's didn't just lose a game, they handed it over to the Giants on a silver platter. Idiots.

Randal Graves said...

POP, you're right, their uniforms do have that casual, just-got-out-of-bed look to them. All the best uniforms are the old school ones: Cleveland, Dallas (ugh), Chicago, Oakland.

They were named after Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber. NOT Paul Brown. As for the logolessness, I'm not sure. We used to have this goofy looking Brownie as a mascot years ago, but nothing was ever on the helmets save numbers for a short time. At least it's not a half-and-half thing like the yahoos in Pittsburgh!

LBR, funny you should bring that up. 49ers head coach Mike Nolan wanted to wear suits for every game like in the old days. The NFL told him no, he can at home, but not on the road. Nothing beats the hoodies of Belichick, though. Wisconsin? BOO! Go Buckeyes! I'd pass on the bowl trip. My luck, if I ever got that, was my team getting shellacked. :)

ME, you said it. I was rooting for Chicago because I'm sick of the Giants collapsing and backing in the playoffs only to get smacked. But man, what happened to their D? I know they've had injuries, but 175 yards to journeymen?

Mary Ellen said...

Randal- Chicago just sucks. They always do great in the first half and then their defense folds in the second. It's the same old story. I can't blame Grossman for this loss, he did great.

I've heard a few people blame Lovee but it has nothing to do with him, they need to get rid of the dead wood.

FranIAm said...

Oh how I hate football, but I have not been here in days and I have to say something.


Randal Graves said...

ME, exactly. It's players playing bad or being hurt. We heard that here with Crennel. "He can't coach!" Now that we're scoring 28 points a game and have a winning record, he's fine. Like he suddenly learned to coach. Lovie Smith is certainly not the problem in Chicago. Hell, I'd look at Jerry Angelo. Sure traded the wrong RB, didn't he? Benson is garage. Peterson didn't have a great day yesterday, but he's shown more than Cedric, I think.

Fran, quel blasphème ! I'm truly hurt. Au revoir, mademoiselle. J'ai dit, AU REVOIR ! :)

b said...

Yeah, D.A. was a bit shaky there, wasn't he? The officiating was bizarre in that game. And I had to laugh at your comment about Belichick...what are those cut off hoodies about anyway?

Randal Graves said...

b, a lot of ticky-tack penalties were called on both. Yeah, we played sloppy and when you have a -3 turnover ratio, you'll probably lose, but that last call really pissed me off.

And LBR, I can't read. You typed Beavers, I saw Badgers, hence Wisconsin. I need new glasses.