Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I've got much better things to do

Mon amant pictured in our luxurious rumpus room, waiting for yours truly.
Oh, don't worry, my wife is totally cool with it.

Everyone has been asking me if I'm going to watch, and I do mean everyone!
The right!

You can't watch that pornography! Why, it's worse than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and Lord knows how many young men have been permanently corrupted by that!
The left!
You can't watch that exploitation! Why, it's misogyny worse than a Young Republicans convention! Do you really want to contribute to the continued degradation of women?
The simian!
So, gonna watch that glittery, runwayesque underpantsatorium broadcast in all its opulent glory on the teevee?
Self-aware entities! Why the hell would I waste my precious time watching this tripe when I come home to the lovely Alessandra every night for sessions of lusty lovin'?

Please. Don't be so foolish next time.


Anonymous said...

I should refrain from watching because I love my wife, but I'm going to refrain from watching because I don't like fake tits.

b said...

Haha...I assume this must be the Victoria's Secret Christmas deal? I didn't know they still did that. I couldn't stop laughing at "glittery, runwayesque underpantsatorium." Underpantsatorium?! Hilarious.

Mathman6293 said...

I agree with anonymous about the fake tits. What are we talking about?

Dr. Zaius said...

I completely agree, Randal! A man's underpantsatorium is his castle, after all.

La Belette Rouge said...

Your wife is pretty and it is nice of her to let you post pictures of her. If I looked like that in lingerie---I might post pictures too. ;-)

Randal Graves said...

anon and mathman, Alessandra does not have fake tits! Though the existence of fake tits IS a black mark on the soul of beauty.

b, I didn't either until a saw a commercial the other day and figured it was the perfect excuse to add some cheesecake to my otherwise graphically-plain blog. And I cannot take credit for that word!

Dr. Zaius, no truer words have been said.

LBR, oh, she's a super lady. And precisely why there are no pictures of me here. I don't look good in hot pants. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hot chicks ready to deliver versus watching soft porned fake knockers on the tube?

What a man won't do for his woman.

Anonymous said...
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Randal Graves said...

What can I say, I love my wife.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm sure the guys are loving that pic on top of your post, Randal...but it's not doing much for me. Got anything the gal's could drool over? Not that I would drool...I think drooling is a sin in the Catholic church.

Randal Graves said...

What, my pic in the corner isn't good enough? And come on, everything in the Catholic church is a sin, at least that's what I remember. :)

Mary Ellen said...

Randal- Gee, that pic of you in the corner would be great, IF YOU'D PUT YOUR HAT ON THE RIGHT WAY! Unless you're sitting behind home plate with a catchers mitt, that ain't right....and sheesh, take off some clothes, already! Give us a show!

(shuffling off to confession.....see ya later.)

Randal Graves said...

Why don't you stop by later. After hours.

HA HA I don't have to go to confession!

PoliShifter said...

Looks like some serious business is about to happen here. I'm going to turn around and slowly walk away.

My Inner French Girl said...


Had I not been sick, I would've watched it myself along with the DH. I got me a girl crush on Heidi Klum, for some reason.


Candace said...

There will be lots more shows like these during the writers' strike. Have you noticed how many NEW shows are coming on now that don't require writers? The industry was READY for this, and they're going to wait it out until the writers capitulate or hell freezes over. My point? Well, every time you watch this tripe, you're betraying the writers and letting the terrorists win. Just so you know.

P.S. Really nice star there, on the right-hand top o' the blog. :)

Randal Graves said...

Poli, just some Bush bashing and ogling of pretty ladies, my friend.

MIFG, Heidi Klum is a fine example of German engineering.

Candace, that's an excellent point, and one more reason why I'm glad I didn't watch. Not that I really cared, given how busy I was with my wife, who's pictured above.

And you have NO idea how much I'm looking forward to Friday morning when I can finally remove THAT FUCKING HIDEOUS BLASPHEMY.

Scarlet W. Blue said...

Where can I get that purple outfit???

Randal Graves said...

Believe me, if I knew, I'd certainly tell you. This might be the only one in existence!