Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 16

The Real JC returning a punt for a touchdown in the Browns' 20-7 victory. He even had a kickoff return TD called back on a very questionable illegal block call. Hell, Jim Mora agreed, and do you really want to piss off Jim Mora? Since we're on the subject, let us permit the coach to perfectly summarize our season-long woes on the road:

The Good: A home record of 7-1 for the first time ever, ten regular season wins for the first time since a pre-genius Bill Belichick mumbled on the sidelines of snowy Lake Erie, Joshua Cribbs proving once and for all that he's the best all-around special teamer in the league, Jamal Lewis still running like an angry young man, Brady Quinn, filling in for the injured DA late in the first half, looking sharp on his one and only drive. No, hetero ladies and gay dudes, I was talking about his play on the field, but he's still quite the local corporate pitchman.

The Bad: Hmm. Where did I put that tape recorder? Oh, here it is. [pushes play] "the run defense sucks" [pushes stop].

The Ugly: Far too many dropped passes, including a couple of potential touchdowns thrown by Quinn. Which, on second thought, might be a blessing in disguise. I'm not ready for idiot talking heads on the radio and their idiot mouthbreathing callers chatting up a non-existent quarterback controversy. The invisible block that led to Nate Clements diverting a field goal was pretty ugly, too, but nowhere near as ugly as waiting those four hours until the Indianapolis-Tennessee game.

The Ugliest: The Titans winning.

Up next: cleaning out lockers, tee times, motorbiking, sky diving, pot smoking, binge drinking. Wait. That last one is mine.


PoliShifter said...

Sorry for your loss...

The Cleveland Browns remind me of Charlie Brown with Lucy always pulling the football before he can kick it.

As they say...there's always next year...damn Titans...

La Belette Rouge said...

I just learned from B, that your quarterback, Derek Anderson, used to be an OSU Beaver.

As you know, I am not a willing football fan; I married into the fanaticism. Happily the Beavers won or our household would be in a state of seriously bad and ugly.

The good news is that as of Jan. 2nd there will be no more sports in our house until that Arena mess begins.;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to poop on your football party and say that I not a fan of Am. football.

I am interested in the motorbike converstation.

Carry on....

b said...

I was so hoping the Titans would lose for you. But yes, much good came out of this season. Ugh. Okay, I cannot do the Pollyanna act right now.

b said...

P.S. .

TomCat said...

They did a damn sight better then my Broncos. :-(

Randal Graves said...

Poli, I'm sick of next year already. :)

LBR, I fully expect you to make Arena League reports on your blog! You'll be doing that, right? Yes?

Colleen, what are you, a commie pinko? I think it's time the US invades your home state. Football uber alles!

b, it's our own fault for fucking up all those road games. But, perhaps I will root for your team. I certainly will be this weekend!
And bonne année to you as well!

Tomcat, they need to stop letting Shanahan call the draft room shots. The guy is a hell of a coach, but man, he's had some real stinkers come April.

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