Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who's in charge around here?

I don't really give a fuck about the article, because it's merely a NewMedia riff that says nothing important, but what I do give a fuck about is the headline itself:

Bush is expected to scold Congress again
If, after seven years of world-class bullshittery, fraternity hijinks and immature behavior on both the world stage and at home, you still are unsure who the adults and who the children are, please resign from your journalistic post, find a very tall building and, in the grandest LSD-fueled fashion, pretend you can fly.

It's not scolding if it's done by a drunken, power-mad, incurious cokehead.

Hmm. On second though, given who the spineless object of the scolding is, perhaps I'm wrong, after all.

Je m'excuse, mes amis.


Freida Bee said...

That was the PCP, darling, not the LSD which made you jump from the window. Have you forgotten your educational films already? Please, don't let on to SIre Idiocy lest he include a $5,000,000,000 Hollywood film budget in his next educational package which Congress will neither confirm not deny, giving rise to their justificatory lashing by his wet noodle.

Randal Graves said...

Doesn't PCP make you the World's Angriest Crimin - oh no! The entire Bush Administration is on PCP!

And come on, I slept through all those edumacational films. How do you think I ended up being so stuperrific?

pissed off patricia said...

Well, he scolded them this morning and got all high and mighty about it. Then the reporters wanted to know about this new info on Iran. He went into overdrive about how dangerous Iran is and will be and could be and shit like that. The guy sounded a little more insane than usual. Same old bs he used to get his invasion of Iraq up and running. I think he believes that shit will work for him again.

Randal Graves said...

If the NIE said Iran is uber-evil, Bush is vindicated. The NIE said Iran doesn't have nukes, Bush is vindicated. Because they WANT nukes.

The bombing will start, just a matter of when. Wonder what the over/under is on that.

Dr. Zaius said...

I remember warnings in films that if you took LSD you would think you could fly in the 70s. Usually a young starlet would take flight by the third act in some made-for-TV movie that also starred what was left of the failed career of Linda Blair. At least I have a some vague memory of this film.

This is interesting...

"In 1970 [...] a patron on LSD thought he could fly and jumped from a second floor window breaking his leg. That incident along with crowd control problems put an end to the "monster" rock shows in October of 1970." aragon.com

So it is not LSD's fault, it that vile Rock and Roll music!

Randal Graves said...

A couple people died during the hundreds of rock festivals in the 70s. I figured out how to stop war! Have the front line soldiers go in high on acid! Ingenious!

Some cable channel was showing Reefer Madness the other night. Now that's some funny shit!

Mary Ellen said...

This really pisses me off (not your post...but journalists and Bush). Bush has fecked up everything he's touched for the last seven years. He's hired total incompetents to head every aspect of his administration, and he can't read any better than a 2nd grader and has the vocabulary of a 5 year old...and our journalists in the new corporate run news media still treat him as if he's a genius. I don't get it.

Bush outright denied that he knew anything about the NIE report until just last week and that's not what the NIE has said. They said he learned about it months ago. He lied and they didn't call him on it. They just write down his bullshit like good little stenographers and shove it in the face of the American people. No integrity, they don't have ONE IOTA of integrity, save Helen Thomas---who is m hero.

BTW, thanks for stopping by for the live blog today, but...two crows said you stole my stash when I wasn't home. There goes Christmas. :-(

Randal Graves said...

I might have to steal your rant and turn it into a post. You're 137% correct. And you'll get it back. We'll settle for drunk blogging, but really want naughty nunnery stories! ;-)

Freida Bee said...

Ok, Dr. Z, I stand corrected. I always thought the hype about trying to jump out the window to fly was re: PCP rather than LSD, but since LSD was (is) more popular, I can see that being more likely and what would I know of such matters anyway? I mean really. Will you hold these curtains for me a sec? Ok, BYYYYE!

Tom Harper said...

When I was in the Navy (early '70s) we had to watch this anti-drug movie. In one scene, this guy who's tripping on acid looks in a mirror and there's this huge monster's face staring back at him. Too funny.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Randal Graves said...

You make it sound like that's not what really happened. Our government would never willfully engage in hysteria-inducing propaganda!