Friday, December 14, 2007


"Hubba! Hubba! Hubba! Who do you trust?"

Not the moderate Republican AG

Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused Friday to give Congress details of the government's investigation into interrogations of terror suspects that were videotaped and destroyed by the CIA. He said doing so could raise questions about whether the inquiry is vulnerable to political pressure.
Well played, Democrats. Well played. I wonder if he'll bring up something about not talking about an ongoing legal process, thereby obfuscating until the inevitable disappearance out of the news cycle, so setting the stage for the next joint Evil Republican /Spineless Democrat Operation:
Addressing congressional demands for facts in the CIA tapes inquiry, Mukasey noted that the Justice Department generally does not give out information about pending cases.
Awesome! Totally fucking awesome and brilliant! I'm sure Harry Reid has a softshoe rebuttal full of jellyfishery at the ready. I can't wait to hear it so I can at least feel the shame I certainly deserve for being naive in my hope that, merely on principle, the Dems refuse to allow any Bush appointee to ever reach a vote. But we're not leaders, are we Nancy. Well, golly, time for this rube to go do some Move On/Code Pink activisting.


Mary Ellen said...

Why am I not surprised? I can't believe that the Democrats had thought that Mukasey was anything else but another Bush criminal? My gosh, you can look at the guy when he was testifying and see he was a lying sack of shit! They're all a bunch of friggin' Nazi's and the Democrats are a bunch of spineless, brainless jackasses.

This just pisses me off way too much...and if I weren't on the internet where Bush has Homeland Security spying, I'd tell you what I'd like to see happen to Bush and Cheney...and it ain't pretty.

Distributorcap said...

would you expect anything else?

i dont think the dems really understand how angry, disappointed, frustrated and shocked most of america is at their complete lack of spine and courage

F you Nancy and Harry

Randal Graves said...

ME, And we still had so-called lefties saying "well, this is the best we'll get." The best isn't fucking good enough. We're talking about the Constitution and the future of the nation. No to EVERYTHING that fucker wants. EVERYTHING.

And I'll say it. I wish Bush and Cheney would be tried as war criminals, sent to a really nasty site in the finest tradition of a CIA black ops hellhole, and suffer in mental and physical torment the rest of their days. How about that, DHS? Fuck you, Nazi coward fucks.

dcap, you're exactly right. They don't understand, and I think they just filter the rage they hear into their moonbat interest group file, thereby ignoring it. And since the media doesn't help, well, it's another fine mess we've gotten ourselves into.

TomCat said...

The day after Crawford Caligula nominated him, I posted an article in which I called him a goose-stepper. Before he was confirmed, I posted ten more articles exposing his record, and urging people to fight his confirmation. They can't say they weren't warned. If the information about him wasn't available, I would not haver had it.

Tom Harper said...

"Jellyfishery" LOL. That word sums up the Democrats better than anything I've seen yet.

The Democrats sowed the seeds for this when they approved Mukasey for AG. Jellyfishery's finest hour.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Randal Graves said...

Tomcat, but you're just a blogger, you're not a leader and you don't have the knowledge that our fearless leaders do, or you would've come to an entirely different conclusion. They do the thinking so we don't have to!

Tom Harper, and of course, our version of jellyfish don't have the deadly toxins to fight back.

TomCat said...

Randal, your wit is all too sharp.