Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boston 1, Cleveland 0

Walking tall too many.

It's a good thing for C.C. that league awards are voted on before the postseason or he might have garnered only a couple of third-place sympathy votes for the Cy Young. Of course, he'd just send his thank you notes to the wrong location.

But, when you take giving up ten runs, add Jack White pitching as well as he did plus the expert platework of Big Papi and the Real Spaceman, both of whom can go Lee van Cleef on your ass at any time, you're generally going to lose.

However, if Fausto can channel some Mephistophelian magic tonight - all praise to You, Infernal Master of the Nether Realms and a mean fiddle player, to boot - a split in Fenway would certainly be more than palatable. It might even be as tasty as all-you-can-eat Chinese.

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PoliShifter said...

Wow, you'd think the fundies would be rallying behind these nuns.

Well, except, they are Catholic and Fundies don't quite really accept Catholics...As Coulter would say about Jews, they too need to be perfected.