Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cleveland 1, Boston 1

Well, that was certainly an unexpected way to win. I did feel a bit better after escaping Okajima and Papelbon with the score still tied, but talk about a historic fucking meltdown. Too much beans and chowda for newcomer Gagne, I suppose. Don't want to pitch on an empty stomach, but a man's got to know his limitations. Game 3 on Monday? I don't know what the hell will happen. Do you?

Bonus Oddity: The new AP top three tomorrow: Ohio State, Boston College and South Florida? Um, playoff please? Thanks.


Snave said...

I LOVE seeing most teams (other than maybe the Yanks, Rangers, A's, Dodgers, Braves or Angels) beat up on the Red Sox. I cheered for Boston to get its World Series win (and "the curse") out of the way, but now I don't care if they don't win another title for another 90 years or so. My AL team is the Seattle Mariners, but I also follow the Twins, Tigers, Indians and Orioles... In the NL it's mostly the Cubs and Cards, and the Rockies because their single-A short-season club (the Tri-Cities Dust Devils) are about 90 minutes from where I live, and I've seen Manny Corpas pitch there, and seen Jeff Salazar play OF (he's now with Arizona).

If it's a Cleveland-Colorado World Series, I don't know who I would root for, because I like both teams. No more Yankees this year, no Braves, no Mets, no Dodgers, no more Angels, and hopefully no more Red Sox... it is shaping up as a great post-season!

That seven-run top of the inning was a thing of pure beauty. Hopefully it was a back-breaker.

Eric Wedge for Manager of the Year!!! Grady Sizemore for MVP (heck with the A-Rod guy... although I will cheer for A-Rod to break Bonds' HR mark in about 8-10 years!)

Snave said...
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