Thursday, October 11, 2007

You mean they didn't cancel the rest of the playoffs?

As my good friend and blind squirrel Anthony Cartouche is so fond of pointing out, I had some problems predicting potential winners in the LDS. If you were stupid enough to use them in your quest to lose cash, go buddy up to a Republican. There's plenty of wingnut welfare to go around to help you recoup your losses. Write on Teh Gay, Hillary Laughs!, Rudy! as Flash Gordon (the savior of the universe, and all that) or Islamocommunofascistbeheadingism. Any of these topics should help you get started. Anyway, onto the penultimate round:

Arizona vs. Colorado: After last week, fuck if I know. One would have to give the pitching edge to the former, the hitting edge to the latter. The Diamondbacks have Brandon Webb and the Rockies do not, so Arizona in 6.

Cleveland vs. Boston: Hey, did you hear? Joe Torre, The Kindest, Gentlest, Most Decent Man In American Sporting History might lose his job! Derek Jeter is still The Greatest Shortstop Evah! Alex Rodriguez is still The Greatest Choker Evah! And in other, obviously less pressing news, the two best teams in baseball are playing for a shot at the World Series. Two excellent offenses; two superior starting rotations; two talented, if recently - okay, all year for Baserunners Joe - shaky bullpens; what more could you ask for. [Shut up TV execs, The Fucking Yankees lost. Deal with it.] It may not go seven, but I fully expect each game to be pretty damn close with much opportunity for nail biting and the wrenching of guts in the spirit of the 1986 NLCS. A random break either way might decide it. My head says Boston in 7, my heart says the Tribe in the same. Just don't put any money down on it.


Frederick said...

Hey thanks for stopping by.

Grace Nearing said...

Shut up TV execs, The Fucking Yankees lost.

Shhh! Don't taunt them or the next time the media contracts are up for negotiation the networks will force MLB to stipulate that at least one NYC-based team appears in every World Series.

Randal Graves said...

The Mets don't make me want to vomit in terror, so I'd only get sick of them in a jeez-not-those-guys way. The Fucking Yankees? That's visceral.