Friday, October 26, 2007

"I'll take 'Constitutionality' for $800, Alex."

"The answer, Senator Craig: Waterboarding."
"What is 'constitutional.'"
"You have control of the board, Senator."
"Hmmm. 'Constitutionality' for $1000."
"The answer is, 'Minnesota's disorderly conduct law."
"Alex, what is 'unconstitutional.'"
"Good job, Senator. You have the lead going into Final Jeopardy. Players, think about this during the commercial break: Famous Stances. We'll be right back after these messages."


Frederick said...

wide open.

Scarlet Witch said...

You kill me.

Mary Ellen said...

Now now--It's not Larry Craig's fault that he has a wide stance, and doesn't he get extra points for picking up that dirty toilet paper from the floor? He's just trying to help keep America clean! I know he was peering into the stall for a few minutes, but I'm sure he just wanted to see if the guy had a newspaper he could borrow. You know how it is...guys can't take a crap without a newspaper to read. And the foot tap thing...perfectly normal! Don't you ever get a catchy little tune in your head that makes you want to tap your feet or do a little soft-shoe?

No crime there...all circumstantial, my friend.

Now, Alex, I'll take 'BS' for $100, please.

Randal Graves said...

Larry Craig, Green Warrior. He should run with that. He can promote environmental causes while giving a wink and a nod to the goopers whose definition of green is slightly different. Not like a flip-flop charge would stick. Rudy! and Willard do that every day.

Candace said...

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the amicus filing by the ACLU! That cracked me up when I first heard about it - notice, the Republicans aren't ACLU-bashing all of a suddy... Your post cracks me up, too - good one!

I think this law is ridiculous, btw. But, it's fun to watch this hypocrit try to squirm out of his conviction.

Tom Harper said...

That pooor Larry Craig, busted under an unconstitutional law. By God, a closeted homosexual who pretends to be a Biblepounding homophobe should be able to pick up men in a public restroom; otherwise the terrorists have won.

Distributorcap said...

you know, making my arrest unconstitutional makes me not gay -- the logic is so evident

craig -- you are a douche. period.

(sorry to offend anyone, but larry craig is a offense to humans)