Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome

"I like him."

- Senator Patrick Leahy on Bush minion Michael Mukasey.

I'm going to start keeping a bottle of something in my desk. I'm open to suggestions, but nothing too harsh. I don't want to set my esophagus on fire, so preferably something smooth that awakens the rich, scented memories of the rolling countryside and its endless fields of wildflowers and tree-lined horizons and, lastly, holds the taste of mellow, thoughtful relaxation that blooms best in a beautiful, secluded café far away from this incresingly dystopian society riddled with malcontents and purveyors of wankery.


Snave said...

Wankery, and chancre-y too.

I know what you mean... In fact, during the last few days of my summer time away from teaching, I was camped out by a favorite river and decided to collect a number of polished, rounded stones to keep at work and home, to look at when I get too wound up. This was a high-elevation spot, near a wilderness area, and the rocks tend to be about the size of ping-pong balls and range from white granite to dark basalt to green stuff with white flecks to quartz to reddish, sandy-textured stuff. Absolutely beautiful!

Anyway, I have some at home, some at work, even a few in my car... and every time I look, I go back to that place... far, far away from the extreme dildography into which our nation has descended.

Randal Graves said...

Something simple like that can really help. Think of how old that rock is, what earth changes have happened since it formed, the immensity of cosmic time, the dominance of armored fish in the seas that covered nearly everything, the dinosaurs, giant mammals while our ancestors, still tiny, crawled on all fours and then how insignificant we, and our manufactured problems, are.

If we could somehow infuse that feeling, not of insecurity, but of awe, into some of these wankers, how much better off society and the planet would be.

Frederick said...

Mukasey is the Bush Administration's way of sending dog whistle signals to the base that Ghouliani is the heir apparent.


Snave said...

Please Frederick, say it ain't so! I fear Mayor Ghoul is a neocon on steroids.