Monday, October 1, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 4

The Good: The Edwards/Winslow Show keeps rolling along, Derek Anderson made only one egregious error (the pass into triple coverage that was picked off), and the defense was much more sturdy (at times, anyway) and took Baltimore out of their power element and made old man McNair do what he didn't want to do, chuck it up over 50 times.

The Bad: Aside from the mediocre pass rush of our d-line of Methuselahs, there wasn't much bad at all. Woo!

The Ugly: The goalline offense generated zero push - the Jamal Lewis TD was a referee's gift, but I'll fucking take it. We're owed quite a number of breaks, don't you think? They certainly pass protected much better this week.

Bonus Ugly: Apu's favorite squadron. Now that was a first class choke job!

Up next: New England. Well, 2-3 is better than 0-5.

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