Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I promise to be good."

If only we could get a small handful of our politicians to do the same - and follow through. Not that he always did, but then again, he wasn't running the fucking country. Happy Birthday, Arthur Rimbaud.

And at least Verlaine didn't shoot anyone in the face.


Tom Harper said...

All right, Rimbaud! Yeah!!! I hope Stallone will be making some more of those movies about him. (Just kidding.)

I've never read anything by him or Proust, but I've seen so many dynamite quotations from both of them, I should get off my ass and actually read their books. Computer-nerding has shot my bookreading all to hell.

Randal Graves said...

I love me some internets, but you'll have to pry my books from my cold dead hands. Proust is a must. Rimbaud was quite a character. For all of his constantly being referenced, extolled, praised, ripped off, the dude stopped writing poems before he hit 20. Then he became a gun-runner in Africa. You should check out Graham Robb's biography of him. Rimbaud had quite the interesting life.

klhkhlmklzse said...

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