Monday, October 8, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 5

The Good: Jamie Jason Wright filled in quite well for a nicked-up Jamal Lewis, showing a shifty quickness that should be utilized more in the future, right, Romeo? Um, we held New England below a lot of their season averages. Yeah, I know. Woo. The third down defense was superb, with the Patriots converting only 2 of 12 chances. Of course, this was offset by...

The Bad: ...shoddy tackling. You're not matadors. Wrap the fuckers up, just like you learned in Pee-Wee League. Derek Anderson reverting to the DA of old, thereby cancelling The Edwards/Winslow Show until it was too late.

The Ugly: Too many blown coverages, making yet another journeyman back look like a Pro Bowler, giving up a cheap TD with seconds remaining, an 0-4 turnover ratio. Reverse that against these guys, and maybe we would've had a chance. Certainly a mixed bag of performances this week all around.

Up next: At home against Miami. That's 0-5 Miami. Get it? Don't fuck it up. The AFC is looking more top-heavy than expected. One never knows.

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