Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cleveland 3, Boston 3

1997 World Series: 9th inning lead in Game 7. Lost.
1998 ALCS: 2-1 series lead. Lost.
1999 ALDS: 2-0 series lead. Lost.
2001 ALDS: 2-1 series lead. Lost.
2007 ALCS: 3-1 series lead. Ugh. Kind of figured it wasn't our night when the first five batters hit the ball a total of 180 feet, not a one leaving the infield, and the sixth, the much-maligned J.D. Drew, puts four on the board. And to top it all off, Fucking Curt Schilling is about as Republican as you can get.

Sports gods, I ask this with all sincerity, what the fuck did we do to piss you off? Can't we methodically march through a series of opponents, Caesar over the Celts? C'mon. One lousy goddamn time. We're not greedy like Noo Yawk or Bah-ston. Fucking sheesh.


punkinsmom said...

As a fellow Cleveland fan, I am right there with you.
I want a t-shirt with the Browns, Indians and Cavs logos all under the sentence: "Wait until NEXT year...."
It is our lot in life.

PoliShifter said...

This is fucking bullshit. What the hell happened to your Cleveland?

2 to 5 top of the 8th, golden opportunities blown.

I'm blaming the third base coach who held Lofton up at third. He could have tied the game at least....until Boston scored two more runs later on...but still.

PoliShifter said...

Not looking good...


PoliShifter said...


Mary Ellen said...

My heart is broken. :-(

PoliShifter said...

Well, now I'm a Rockies fan....Go Rockies! Kick those wicked Bostonian's ass!

Randal Graves said...

punkinsmom, it IS our lot in life. In fact, I think there was a quatrain in Nostradamus, something about a city by the water, a plum (remember THAT marketing campaign?) forever to suffer, spheres to dominate, the pain of the oblong in autumn.

mary ellen and poli, i hope at some point you will have an extra drink for us Clevelanders. Double fucking ugh.