Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Diplomatic immunity

"Tell us what happened, and it'll be like nothing happened."

The investigators from the agency's investigative arm, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, did not, however, have the authority to offer such immunity grants, the newspaper said, citing U.S. government officials.

The offers represent a potentially serious investigative misstep that could complicate efforts to prosecute Blackwater employees involved in the incident, the newspaper said.
What serious investigative misstep? That instead of a few low-level peons getting punished, no one gets punished? Because booting a few buck privates out of the army sure has cleaned up our operations and our image throughout the world, hasn't it. So put your worries to rest, Neidermeyer, there will be no interruption to your teenage Rambo fantasies.


Mary Ellen said...

Nothing this administration does is an "error". They made sure they covered their asses so no one would be prosecuted. It's the same thing they did with Abu Gharib. They break the law, the lower level peons take it in the ass.

I hope the Iraqi's turn on Blackwater and take a few hostages. I'd like to see how tough they are when there's some guy with a huge knife ready to cut their heads off standing over them.

Mary Ellen said...

Ok...that wasn't very Christian of me. Sorry. :-(

Randal Graves said...

Perhaps not, but it was very human. It's all faux toughness. It's easy to be a "man" when you have a gun. What kills me is how the wingnuts froth at the mouth over the ideas behind Red Dawn and other against-the-odds bullshit, but now that we're the communist invaders...

Would any of the cheetohs-eaters be doing what the Iraqis are doing? Doubtful, since they'd have to leave their basement. It boggles my mind what kind of mindset one must have to even join something like Blackwater. It's as alien to me as being able to leap over buildings and fly by flapping my arms.

Tom Harper said...

Erik Prince = Niedermeyer, LOL.

I just read that the Iraqi government has drafted a law that would wipe out any sort of immunity for Blackwater and all other contractors in Iraq. Basically, anybody who's in Iraq will be subject to Iraqi laws; no exceptions. If this law passes, things ought to get really interesting.

TomCat said...

great minds fall in the same ditch, Randall. I posted this story as well with the interpretation that the instructions to screw up the investigation with false offers of immunity came from the very top.