Thursday, October 4, 2007

Please stop punching yourself

There's already enough blood to clean up as it is.

In a letter to Mr. Mukasey made public Wednesday, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, said he would go forward with the confirmation hearings without the promise of documents.
Because too much information is a bad thing.
The decision to go forward with the hearings appeared to reflect a calculation by Mr. Leahy and other Democrats that they did not want to be seen as willing to leave the post unfilled after complaining so loudly of turmoil in the department under Mr. Gonzales.
They wouldn't dare foolishly risk the well-deserved backlash from The Dean and his acolytes of High Broderism. They're Very Serious People who are the Guardians of Sacred Bipartisanship. Would you wish the Democrats to bring down their Holy Wrath and make us all suffer?
Despite concerns among Democrats and some civil liberties groups about Mr. Mukasey's past support for sweeping national security powers for the executive branch, his nomination has generally been well received on Capitol Hill, among Democrats and Republicans alike.
That's it? That's the issue that would've kept these hearings from going smoothly? Everything's been going swimmingly under The New and Improved Unitary Executive, or haven't you been paying attention? Sure, Roberts, Alito and Gonzales may have been a wee bit to the right of the majority of Americans on every possible issue, but since Bush has gotten what he wants, what would be the point of ramming through yet another wingnut nominee? He's certainly not greedy for the powertrip gravy train to stay fresh and tasty. Stupid moonbats.


pissed off patricia said...

God forbid the dems should actually take a freakin' stand and raise a little hell. Don't they realize there is a shit load of energy out here just waiting to back them up if they do?

I mean it's not like bush has made good decisions on anything since he's been in office. Why let him screw us one more time, just to make nice with him?

Randal Graves said...

Exactly! 70% of the country backs the Dems on this (and pretty much everything else). They don't want to be spied upon, they want the troops home, they want the health care problem fixed.

It's just frustrating. We were in the minority, the lizardbrains would scream "nuclear option!" and we'd find some place to hide. We have the majority and it's "we don't have the votes." Fine. Push the people's agenda, and if Bush vetoes, then get on the tube and on the floor of the Senate to raise hell and nail EVERY bad decision to Bush AND the Republican Party.

I really fear that the Reps will be successful at distancing themselves from Bush. We already know the media will help them out - witness the "OMFG! Hillary laughs - strangely! Run for the hills before she brings your children to a pagan Clenis drumcircle!" bullshit.

Mayor Quimby said it best:
"This stupid country."

PoliShifter said...

I have concluded that the sole role of Democrats is to placate the moderate left, pacify them.

Take really take it!

Dems pretended to be all tough with Erik Prince while slipping him more funding.

The act tough stuff is just to give mainstream Dems enough to think "well, they're trying..."

Dems and Rethugs, two sides of the same coin.

I exlude progressive Dems like Feingold and Kucinich from this and a few others.

Randal Graves said...

It's our side's version of John Warner or Arlen Specter. Hemming and hawing, public reservations about policy x, y or z, then voting to continue the evil.

Your first line is correct, but what's funny is that the moderate left is apparently now a sizable majority of the nation. In reality, not to the talking hairpieces.

Tom Harper said...

Mukasey sounds a lot better than Gonzales and Ashcroft. Then again so does Vlad the Impaler. But the Dems need to show spines and demand the documentation they need. It would be nice to know who we're getting.

Randal Graves said...

I suppose that overall he's not as odious as the previous lovers of all things jackbooted, but the "sure, more national security powers for the prez" trumps his love of candy-coated raisins, gummi bears and tearing the flesh off little baby ducks with his rotting fangs.

And documentation is the main thing. If he comes out smelling like a rose after examining pertinent papers, fine. I personally distrust every single person Bush puts forth, as I'm sure you do, but then again our voice on this means less than it normally does, so I'm sure he'll be confirmed with serious finger-waving, but confirmed nonetheless.

It's just frustrating watching the same shit play out over and over that we KNOW beforehand will play out over and over.

Grace Nearing said...

I am strongly in favor of leaving the post vacant. An acting attorney general is just fine for the dwindling days of the Bush administration. Plus, an acting AG is much less likely to overreach, much like a substitute teacher doesn't set out to revise the entire curriculum.

If he serves tolerably well and defines himself as a "career professional" as opposed to a partisan hack, the acting AG may even be asked to continue his career at the DOJ.

And think of the money we'll save!

Randal Graves said...

This is an excellent idea, one that would show a desire - or at least the appearance of - to uphold the Rule of Law®, help eliminate the scent of impropriety and be one small, but important,step towards true bipartisanship.

Which, in my increasingly cynical state, makes me fear that Mukasey is even more of a right-wing hack than his public career has let on so far, no matter what the pundits on both sides have said up til now.

"Never get your hopes up and always assume the worst" has worked quite well as the aphorism of the day under these clowns. No offense to the actual clowns out there.

pissed off patricia said...

The burning question today is why doesn't Obama wear his little flag pin on his coat. I'm not kidding. Forget whether or not we torture human beings. Forget whether or not kids get medical care. Forget this fucking war. Let's all focus on Obama's lack of a little flag pin.

Randal Graves said...

Those jackasses must've read Matthews' book. Everything is a fucking campaign to these guys, style over substance. At least Obama refuted it. Now, if we could get ALL Dems to do that ALL the time, can immediately call bullshit on these things. By the way, I'm selling bridges. Want to buy one?